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Queer Pride – We are the 99%!

1009898_539049772822895_970095567_n.jpgGay Marriage is not enough
No more corporate take-over of Pride - Stonewall was a rebellion!

We are the 99%!


Meeting: Queer Asylum Seekers Have A Right!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013
63 Sancroft Street, London SE11 5UG

All African Women’s Group and Queer Strike present a workshop on hardships faced by queer asylum seekers and refugees and how we can win our rights. This is part of a series of events at House of Brag: squatted queer social centre project in London,running from 22June to 6July as an alternative to Pride.
Admission free.



Petition Launched: To the San Francisco Pride Board 'Reinstate Bradley Manning as Grand Marshal'!

Whereas Bradley Manning has “Come Out” on behalf of all of us, and is a hero the LBGTQ community is proud of;

Whereas Bradley Manning has performed a service on behalf of the 99% everywhere by exposing the truth behind the veil of secrecy surrounding the US government’s criminal wars, occupations, rendition, torture, murder, rape, and collaboration with the crimes of governments and corporations worldwide; and


Bradley Manning declared Grand Marshal of San Francisco's Pride

 On Tuesday May 7, a crowd gathered outside San Francisco Pride office for a public meeting on reinstating Bradley Manning as Pride Grand Marshal.

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