Payment for caring work



10 March 2015
Hannah Al-Othman

download.jpgCampaigners based at Crossroads Women's Centre set up a...


Mother’s Day: DAME PHILIPPA RUSSELL, Chair of the Standing Commission on Carers, endorses petition for A LIVING WAGE FOR MOTHERS AND OTHER CARERS

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Amid the flowers and chocolates descending on mothers this...

Caring for others is the foundation of every society, yet this work, done mostly by women, is devalued and underfunded.
We demand that:
1. Every worker be paid a living wage, including mothers and other carers.
2. ...


Honor the fundamental work of mothers and other caregivers in the home, on the land and in the community; introduce a global petition for a living wage for caregiving. Bringing together unwaged caregivers with low-paid workers who are campaigning to...

International Women’s Day 2015 global theme and petition
A Living Wage for Mothers and other Caregivers!

Honor caregivers & community campaigners

Sunday March 8, 3-5pm
Tabernacle United Church 3700 Chestnut St W. Philly

Award ceremony, refreshments, music, exhibition, petition launch, community resource & information...