Defend the Occupation of Linden -- Condemn Police Murder

On 18 July police opened fire on a peaceful community demonstration in Linden, Guyana, brutally killing three people and injuring 20. The protest was called to stop 800% increases in the cost of electricity to the community. This state violence against the right to protest is how the 1% plans to stop communities globally from getting what we are entitled to.

Planned as a five day community shut-down, the Community general strike also blockaded roads and a bridge. The roadblocks are being actively defended from security forces. However, an attack of those same security forces, not from Linden but based in Georgetown, were ordered to fire on unarmed Lindeners, killing 3. In response to the shooting, the community shut-down remains in place, demanding the scrapping of the price increases, prosecution of the killers, and the resignation of the prime-minister. In fact the cheaper price of electricity in Linden was the result of wage negotiations between the Bauxite owners and the Community’s union. Through this massive electricity price increase, the Government and the new multinational owner are reneging one that long-standing bargain.

Linden, a company town known for bauxite mining, has a history of grassroots organising and is facing an economic crisis with 70% of the workforce unemployed. Women and children, the ill and the elderly are hardest hit – one pensioner on US$50 a month said that if he reduced his electricity consumption to the level the Prime Minister called “average”, he would have to pay over 50% of his income in electricity bills alone.
Come and support the demands of the people of Linden – the London protest is in solidarity with a demonstration today in Georgetown, Guyana, called by our sister organization, multi-racial Red Thread, and other groups.

Linden’s demands include:
 Rescind the electricity tariff hike
 Charge those responsible for the killings with murder

An injury to one is an injury to all.

Today Linden, tomorrow London!

The London demonstration is called by the Global Women Strike, Caribbean Labour Solidarity and concerned individuals.

For info: or 0207 482 2496

Photos from protest 25 July 2012