Demands from the Women Speakout at the DNC for Justice, Survival and a Living Wage for All

 Tuesday July 26, 2016 at Broad Street Ministry, Philadelphia

A very diverse group of several hundred women and some men attended and spoke out about their concerns. These are some of the demands from those speaking out:

Anti-war and International Struggles

  • Stop funding repressive military and police forces in Honduras
  • Support the Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act (H.R.5474)
  • Bring ALL troops home
  • Redirect military funding to meet human needs.
  • Justice for indigenous communities, including indigenous women.
  • End environmental racism
  • Hold corporations accountable for their crimes

Movement for Black Lives on the Street and in Prisons

  • Declare Flint a Federal Disaster Area (Superfund Site)
  • Make full Medicare available for every Flint resident NOW
  • Abolish Michigan Emergency Law (PA 436) to protect democracy in Michigan
  • End systemic police violence, brutality and terrorism against Black and other people of color
  • End cash bail and stop building prisons
  • Demand accountability by police for the murder of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Brandon Tate Brown in Philly, Oscar Grant in Oakland and Frank McQueen in Chester, and for the beating of Tyree Carroll in Philly and for all victims of police violence.
  • End mass incarceration and solitary confinement
  • Free Carrington Keys - Dallas 6 prison guard abuse whistleblower who faces assault charges for peacefully protesting against the abuse
  • Justice for Russell Maroon Shoatz
  • Release immediately Benton Harbor activist Rev. Edward Pinkney

Campaigning against poverty and for caregivers

  • Support the Rise Out of Poverty Act (H.R. 3486, Rep. Gwen Moore, D-WI);
  • Support the Living Wage for Mothers and Other Caregivers international petition
  • Provide Universal Health Care
  • Support Colorado Cares Act
  • Support Women4Bernie's continuing work on the issues that Bernie Sanders spoke to during the campaign
  • Department of Human Services and other child "welfare" departments must stop terrorizing Black and other mothers by unjustly removing children for reasons of poverty, racism and sexism
  • $15 minimum wage must be instituted
  • Comprehensive sexuality education reform
  • Protect the rights of birthing women (stop shackling incarcerated women giving birth)
  • Stop privatizing schools
  • Decrease solid waste which is impacting us all
  • There must be free access to public transportation for rural women and rural veterans.
  • Resources for mental health issues.

For more information: 215-848-1120