Letter from Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate to the Global Women's Strike in support of Margaretta D'Arcy

 I am sorry I cannot be with you at this important action in support of our dear and courageous Margaretta D’Arcy, but I will be with you all in spirit.

Margaretta is an inspiration to us all and we are deeply grateful to her for her great Witness and reminder to us all of our responsibility to call Governments to uphold human rights and International laws, and the Irish Government to uphold its constitution and protect its neutrality.

Please add my support to your great campaign,’ Invest in Caring not killing’’, and to your Letter calling for the immediate release of our dear sister Margaretta D’Arcy.

On this 8th March, International Women’s Day, the voice of Margaretta D’Arcy from inside an Irish prison calling for peace not war, reaches out and finds a response from millions of women across the world who passionately want peace, and the Irish Government, USA, UK and other Governments to stop supporting militarism and war.

We are grateful to Margaretta and love her for making such a sacrifice on all our behalf and that of our children. We call on the Irish Government to release this woman of conscience and peacemaker.

Peace for the world,

Mairead Maguire

Nobel Peace Laureate, from Gaza 8th March, 2014 International women’s day with Women of Gaza*

*Mairead Maguire and other colleagues were deported from Egypt while on route to Gaza