Protest Red Cross theft in Haiti

Stop NGO pillage of Haiti

Protest Red Cross theft of money donated for earthquake relief.

Stop them building luxury hotel with our money!


Tuesday 1 May 2012, 1-2 pm outside the British Red Cross
44 Moorfields, London EC2Y 9AL Nearest tube: Moorgate

In the wake of the earthquake in Haiti, people across the world generously donated hundreds of millions of pounds to the Red Cross and other NGOs. In the US the Red Cross alone is reported to have raised at least $479 million dollars.

Hardly any of this money has reached those it was intended for. Two years later hundreds of thousands of people are still living in tent cities, surrounded by rubble, without food security and with no income.

In addition, the UN occupying forces have brought cholera to Haiti and lack of clean water has allowed it to spread – 700,000 people have been infected so far, 7,000 of whom have died.

Haiti has more NGOs per square mile than any other country in the world, yet remains the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere. Now the Red Cross wants to use money it collected for earthquake relief to build a luxury hotel and conference center in Haiti! How dare they!

The Red Cross is part of the 1% who are enriching themselves at our expense, in Haiti and everywhere. It is up to us, the 99%, to stop them. People in Haiti have been protesting in their thousands against the UN and the NGOs. Support them by joining our protest.

Protest called by Women of Color @ Global Women’s Strike (GWS), and GWS/London; and is in solidarity with the May 1st General Strike called by the Global Occupy Movement.

For more info contact:

(020) 7482 2496