Sisters: add your name to end slaughter of women and children in Gaza


We call on women’s groups and organisations, prominent feminists, and all women everywhere, of all faiths and secular, to stand with the women and children of Gaza and demand an immediate end to this Israeli slaughter of the innocents. It is time to hear from the women outside of Gaza.

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Women of Gaza, children of Gaza, people of Gaza – we are with you!

As women and women’s organisations we unequivocally condemn the Israeli military attack on Gaza by land, sea and air which continues to kill so many hundreds of people and injure thousands more. Many victims are women and children.

At Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, 19 July 2014, Ms Hunood Abu Jarad, mother of six-year-old survivor Noor, spoke to Channel 4 TV News (UK) about losing eight family members, four of them children, the youngest seven months old:

“Suddenly rockets came down with no warning. Uncle was hit first, his body parts flew across the room. As we ran another rocket hit the house next door. My children were running around in panic. Noor was completely covered in blood. Ambulances came within half an hour and started collecting the body parts. Even today they found legs, arms, hands and feet. I will never forgive those who killed our children. What have these children done to deserve this? Are they carrying guns? They are targeting children because they don’t want them to grow up to resist. Would you be OK if this happened to your children? We will continue to resist inside Palestine until the last day of the world.”

Ms Abu Jarad speaks for women in Palestine and for all of us around the world.

We are outraged by Israeli parliamentarians like Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Homes), a woman, who is calling for Palestinian mothers to be killed and their houses demolished so they can’t give birth to “little snakes”, and academics like Mordechai Kedar (Bar Ilan University) who talks about “the only thing that deters [terrorists] is if they know that their sister or their mother will be raped.” The mass killing of mothers and children is already happening. Should we now expect mass rape?

While governments, starting in the US and Europe, continue to back Israel or keep silent, people across the world, especially women, have been protesting in support of the people in Gaza. Palestinians in the occupied West Bank as well as those who are citizens of Israel held a general strike as a day of mourning, and there have been demonstrations, many of them huge, in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Chile, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Morocco, Norway, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay, US, UK, Yemen . . . But the mainstream media has hardly mentioned them.

Israel is the largest recipient of US foreign aid, almost all military: over $3.1 billion a year and several billion more in military assistance and contracts. This has transformed Israel’s armed forces into one of the most technologically sophisticated globally and Israel into the sixth biggest arms exporter. As we saw in the 2008-9 attack and again today, Israeli weapons are “field-tested” on the population of Gaza: 1,417 were killed then, 313 of them children; tens of thousands of people displaced and homes destroyed. This killing is happening again, now, but even more unrestrained than before.

We are women across the world. We speak out in the name of mothers and children, of the civilian population, and of the right of the Palestinian people to resist an illegal military occupation of their land and a blockade which deprives them even of the means of life, including water, food, electricity and medical supplies as well as free movement.

We demand an immediate end to the bombing of Gaza and its blockade; an end to the illegal occupation of Palestine; and an end to funding of Israel’s military and its capacity for mass murder.

We urge all who care for survival and justice to commit to the movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel called by Palestinians in 2005. This is what we can do now to stop Israeli slaughter and apartheid. Invest in caring, not killing.

To sign please email

Selma James and Nina Lopez, Global Women’s Strike (GWS), UK
Maggie Ronayne, GWS-Ireland
Phoebe Jones and Rachel West, GWS-USA
Sara Callaway, Women of Colour GWS, UK
Margaret Prescod, Women of Colour GWS, USA
Didi Rossi, Queer Strike, UK
Lori Nairne, Queer Strike, US

Signatories of GWS Gaza statement as of 10 September 2014

Abby Lippman - Professor Emeritus, McGill University, Canada
ACT NOW! - Papua New Guinea
Alex Brew - artist/activist, UK
Alex Nissen - Israeli Jew and founder of Women in Black Haifa, Australia
Alex Suarez - USA
Alice Macfarlane - Scotland
Alisa Gayle-Deutsch - Toronto, Canada
Alissa Trotz - University of Toronto, Canada/Guyana
Althea Coombs - President Service Workers Centre Cooperative Society Ltd, Rivas, Trinidad and Tobago
Amelia Ortega - Chapter Coordinator of Af3irm San Diego, USA
Ana Meta - USA
Angie Qasir - UK
Anita Rosenblithe, International Action Center - USA
Ann Korner - UK
Ann Roos - USA
Annalee Davis - visual artist, Barbados
Anne Braithwaite - UK
Anne Slater - President of Radical Women, U.S. section, USA
Anne Thierry - Femmes en Noir de Lyon, France
Ansar Ahmed Ullah - International Forum for Secular Bangladesh, UK
Anubhav Pradhan - India
Aruna Budhram - Guyana
Asha Kambon - Trinidad & Tobago
Audrey Roberts - Bahamas
Audrey van Ryn - New Zealand
Av.Tennur Koyuncuoğlu - Turkey
Aysenur Kolivar - musician, Turkey
B. Kaur - UK
Barbara Ellis - UK
Barbara Ihme - artist, teacher, therapist, Frauen- und Mädchengesundheitszentrum (FMGZ) Offenburg e.V. and Forum Künstlerinnen e.V., Germany
Barbara Le Fevre – France
Barbara Lubin, director Middle East Children’s Alliance
Bernadette Hyland.- Freelance writer, UK
Bernadette McAliskey - Tyrone, Ireland
Bernadette Dumortier - Femme en noir de Caen, France
Beth Callahan - USA
Beth Frieden - Anarchist Federation, UK
Beth Junor - speech and language therapist, writer, UK
Beverly Bailey - Middle East Peace Now, MEPN, Minnesota, US
Bhawani Shanker Kusum - Gram Bharati Samiti, Jaipur, India
Bibi Arjune - East Bank Demerara, Guyana
Bridget Symonds - UK
Brigid Quilligan - Irish Traveller Movement, Ireland
Brigitte Cavadias - France
Carol Belcher - USA
Carol Narcisse - Civil Society Advocate, Jamaica
Caroline Day - Tower Hamlets Jenin Friendship Association, UK
Carolyn Kagan - Emeritus Professor of Community Social Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Cassie Paoli - Pennsylvania, USA
Cathy Mendonca - Chapter Coordinator of Af3irm, San Diego, USA
Cecilia Mancuso - Consejera Directiva de la Facultad de Sociales, University of Buenos Aires, Pan y Rosas, Argentina
Céline Courchesne - Agente de liaison, Stella, l'Amie de Maimie, Montreal, Canada
Chantal Buisson – Cercle de silence, Lyon, France
Charlene Wilkinson - Guyana
Christine Jorsling - Trinidad & Tobago
Christine McCabe - Cambridge, UK
Cihan Sule - Turkey
Colette Mainville - France
Cynthia Flood - author, Vancouver, Canada
Cynthia Papermaster - Codepink Women for Peace, Golden Gate Chapter, Berkeley, CA, USA
Dailila Iamarene - Algeria
Daphne Muse - USA
Dara Holness - Jamaica
David Gibson - organizing Consultant, Philadelphia, USA
Debbie Brennan - President, Radical Women, Australian Section, Australia
Deborah Fink - Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, UK
Deepti Sharma - Saheli, New Delhi, India
Deia de Brito - USA
Denver Garrison - USA
Derrice Deane - Host, CaribNation-TV, USA
Diane Lefer - USA
Dianne Feeley - editor, Against the Current, Detroit, USA
Dinah Galligo - pensioner, France
Diverse Voices and Action for Equality, Fiji
Donna Hill - Washington, USA
Donna Willmott - Oakland, CA, USA
Dorah Rosen Shuey - Temple Beth El Aptos, CA, USA
Dr Chanda Prescod-Weinstein - Massachusetts Institute of Technology/MIT, USA
Dr Firoza Elavia - Dept. of Cinema and Media Studies, York University, Toronto, Canada
Dr Suraiya Ismail - Social Development Inc., Guyana
Dr. Bonita Lawrence - York University, Toronto, Canada
Edith Rubinstein - Femme en Noir, Belgique
Elena Cal Atan - Belgium
Elena Rodríguez Echevarría - Spain
Eleonora Masini - Rome, Italy
Elisa Cosgrave - Dublin, Ireland
Elisa Oceguera - Queer Qumbia, USA
Elisabeth Teeuwen - The Netherlands
Elizabeth Carpinetti - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Elizabeth O'Donoghue - Corofin, Co Clare, Ireland
Elisabeth Franken - Femmes en Noir, Bruxelles - Belgique
Ellen Graubart - member Hackney Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War and Counterfire, UK
Ender Rence - Solomon Islands National Council of Women, Solomon Islands
Estella Schmid - Peace in Kurdistan Campaign and CAMPACC, UK
Evy Varsamopoulou - Greece
Fatima Zafar - Malteser International, Pakistan
Fatma Oussedik - Réseau Wassila, Avife, Algeria
Feza Sisman - Istanbul, Turkey
Florencia Piriz - teacher, Agrupación 9 de Abril, Lista Marrón, Pan y Rosas, Argentina
Frances Brackley - UK
Francesca Carrer - Italy
Gabbi Foreman - Academic Officer 2012-2014, Anglia Ruskin University, UK
Gabriela Liszt - CEIP León Trotsky, Argentina
Gaye Demanuele - Melbourne, Australia
Gigi Francisco - Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era, DAWN, Philippines
Ginnie Landon - Enfield Women's Centre, UK
Gonul Dincer - Istanbul, Turkey
Grassroots Women Across Race (GWAR), Guyana
Gulcin Sermeti - Turkey
Gulden Sonmez - Human Rights Lawyer, Turkey
Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons - Ph.D. Senior Lecturer in African American Studies and Religion – USA
Haideh Moghissi - Professor, York University, Toronto, Canada
Halima Khan - West Coast Demerara, Guyana
Haus of Khameleon - Fiji,
Hauwa M. Bala
Heidi Lucken - Detroit, Michigan, USA
Honor Ford-Smith - Toronto, Canada
Huma Sibtain - London, UK
Ida le Blanc - General Secretary, National Union of Domestic Employees (NUDE), Trinidad and Tobago
Ilana Machover - Head of Training at Alexander Technique School, UK
Imogen Slater - UK
Indira Lopez - USA
Iona Jones - UK
Irene Andreadi Banias - Human Rights lawyer, Academic, Consultant
Irene di Caccamo - Rome, Italy
Irene Farrera - Venezuela
Isi Collins - UK
Jacky Ivimy - Counterfire, UK
Jacqueline Acheampong, UK
Jacqueline Le Corre - Présidente de l'Association des Femmes en Noir de Caen, France
Jan Plummer – UK
Jane Ward - UK
Jasmine Kaur - Oceania Pride, Suva Fiji
Jennifer Barvitskie - USA
Jennifer Sertel - Turkey
Jensen Byrne
Jerry Chow - Georgetown, Guyana
Jessie Khera - Digital Fundraising Officer: The Brooke Hospital for Animals, UK
Jo Ronayne - teacher and mother, London
Joan French - Jamaica
Joan Whitaker - USA
Jocelyn Dow - Guyana
Joy Marcus - Georgetown, Guyana
Joycelyn Bacchus - Linden, Guyana
Juanita Whittaker - Georgetown, Guyana
Judith Mirkinson - San Francisco Women in Black, USA
Judith Wedderburn - Jamaica
Julie Begum - Swadhinata Trust, International Centre for Community Development , London,
Metropolitan University, London, UK
Julie Harrison - UK
Khadija Hassan - USA
Kadija (George) Sesay - literary activist, UK
Kamala Kempadoo - Professor at York University, Canada
Karen de Souza - Red Thread, Guyana
Karen Lang-McNabb - USA
Karen Pearlston - Fredericton, Canada
Karina Castro-Lösche
Kasturi Sen - Oxford, UK
Kerima Mohideen - London Mining Network, UK
Khaoula Ben Younes - Tunisia
Kimalee Phillip - Co-director, Groundation Grenada, Grenada/Canada
Krysta B - Guyana
Laura Skorupa - UK
Laurie Pollack - Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA
Leila Jagdeo - Guyana
Lillian Winter - Barnoldswick, Lancs, UK
Lina Amir - Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation, UK
Linda Machowetz - Vienna, Austria
Linda Sudak - Childcare provider and Instructor in Early Childhood Education, USA
Loredana Spadon - Italy
Loretta Mussi - Physician, Un Ponte per, Italy
Loryan Moralba Calzadilla Rosado - Venezuela
Lucia Kalinosky - Ohio, USA
Lucia Mainetti - Italy
Luigina Perosa - Pordenone, Italy
Lynda Brewer - USA
Magid Shihade - Palestine
Mais Franca - Villacidro, Sardegna, Italy
Mandana Azeri - Turkey
Margaret Hope - UK
Margaret Maier - Council of Canadians, Canada
Margaretta D'Arcy - Women in Media and Entertainment, Ireland
Maria Carr - UK
Maria del Valle Vilte - teacher, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Maria Fontanelle - Communications Officer, Media Association of Saint Lucia – Saint Lucia
Maria Pareja
Maria Vazquez - Spain
Marian Farrell - Transition Derry, Ireland
Marianne Moinot - France
Marina Drummer - Community Futures Collective, Solitary Watch, Real Cost of Prisons, Coalition to Free the Angola 3, Vallejo, CA, USA
Marion Bethel - Bahamas
Martha Ruiz de la Pena - Spain
Martha Turner - ARB Books, USA
Martina Anderson - Sinn Fein MEP, Ireland
Mary Salome - San Francisco, CA, USA
Mata Kaloudaki - Non-Aligned Women's Movement, Greece
Maxine Doogan - Erotic Service Providers Union San Francisco, California, USA
Meera Rgs.
Megan Shaughnessy-Mogill - USA
Melissa Mandel - USA
Millie Phillips - Oakland, CA, USA
Miriam Betancourt - Mujeres en Movimiento, Hamburg, Germany
Miriam Cooke - Braxton Craven Professor of Arab Cultures, Duke University, USA
Miriam Oppenheimer - USA
Mosa Telford - Writer, Merundoi Inc., Guyana
Myrna Fichtenbaum - USA
Nabila Irshaid - Salzburg, Austria
Nadine Naber - University of Illinois, Chicago, USA
Nalini Mohabir - Postdoctoral Fellow, York University, Canada
Naomi Haigh
Naz khan Sharzeel - Australia
Neriman Deniz - Turkey
Nezahat Cihan - Director of Operations, Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation (IKWRO), London, UK
Nicole Maine - Graduate Student, York University, Canada
Nikki Alexander - USA
Nikki Khalef
Noor El-Dassouki - Canada
Nora Roman - USA
Nora Ziegler - London Catholic Worker, UK
Odile Begué Girondo - translator, France/Argentina
Olive Sampson - USA
Olivia Zémor - President EuroPalestine, Co-ordinator Women Against the Siege of Gaza, France
Ozlem Aslan - Feminist Approaches in Culture and Politics, USA
Paloma Martin - Guyana
Paola Slaviero - Italy
Pat Albright - Global Women’s Strike, Philadelphia, USA
Patricia Khan - Trinidad & Tobago
Patsy Mary Widdowson - London, UK
Paula Abrams-Hourani - Women in Black, Vienna, Austria
Pauline Melville - Author, Guyana/UK
Peg Rapp - Women in Black & Washington Heights Counter-Recruitment, USA
Peggy Antrobus - Barbados
Peggy Mohan - New Delhi, India
Penelope Lichtenecker - Austria
Penny Rosenwasser - Events Coordinator, Middle East Children's Alliance, USA
Pia Covre - Comitato per i Diritti Civili delle Prostitute Onlus, Italy
Plumelia Tarrant - UK
Prof Barbara Rahder - Canada
Prof Susan Curtis - University of California Los Angeles/UCLA, USA
Prof Yosefa Loshitzky - UK
Quincy Saul, Ecosocialist Horizons - USA
Rabab Ibrahim - Abdulhadi ,Senior scholar, College of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University, USA
Rabebie - South Africa
Rachel Lederman - President, National Lawyers Guild, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, USA
Rain Newel-Lewis - UK
Raquel Marcano - Anthropologist, spokesperson, Consejo Comunal "Un Nuevo Amanecer", El Valle, Venezuela
Rea Dol – Haiti
Rebecca Tumposky - USA
Red Thread - Guyana
Rehab Nazzal - Visual artiist, Canada
Renu, Stree Mukti Sanghtan - India
Risha Syed, human rights activist, lawyer - India
Rita Ann Higgins - Ireland
Robin Ryan, Code Pink, Bay Area - USA
Rochelle Gause - USA
Rosamine Hayeem - UK
Rose Yates
Rosemary Ganley, Catholics for Choice - Canada
Saadet Oz – Turkey
Salima Msaad – teacher, Caen, France
Sally Abbott - USA
Sally Sommer - USA
Samia Gallery - UK
Sandra Edwards - Barbados
Sara Kershnar - International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, USA
Sarah Clarke - UK
Sarah White - New Beacon Books, UK
Savitri Persaud - York University, Toronto, Canada
Scherry Siganporia - India
Sebrina Zeki
Seckin Yasar - film director, Turkey
Seray San - Turkey
Setsu Hanasaki - Engeki Design Guild, Japan
Shalini Puri - University of Pittsburgh, USA
Shameem Ramzan - UK
Shandre Delane - Dallas 6 Campaign, USA
Sharon Martinas - USA
Sheila Beskine - UK
Sheila Rya - Women in Black, Phoenix, US
Shelley Angelie Saggar - NUS Black Students Campaign, UK
Sherlina Nageer - Red Thread and CatchAFyah Caribbean Feminist Network, Guyana
Sherna Berger Gluck - California State University, Long Beach/CSULB, USA
Sheryl Nestel - National Steering Committee, Independent Jewish Voices, Canada
Shruti Arora – India
Sibel Özbudun – academic, Turkey
Sirin Tekeli - Turkey
Sonia Correa – Brazil
Starr Bowie - USA
Stephanie Mathivet - UK
Sudha Vasan - India,
Sue Englander - USA
Sulique Waqa - Fiji
Susan Collymore - Guyana
Susan Englander - Instructor San Francisco State University, USA
Susanne Heinitz - Bruxelles, BE
Susan Mortell - USA
Susan Priano - Middle East Children's Alliance in Berkeley, USA
Susan Thorpe - USA
Sylvia Schwarz - USA
Tahrir Swift Tadhamun - Iraqi Women Solidarity, UK
Tamara Lea Spira - Assistant Professor, Western Washington University, USA
Tara Ramoutar - CAFRA, Trinidad & Tobago
Tennur Koyuncuoğlu - Turkey
Teresa Garcia Avila - Mexico
Teresa MacKay - Ipswich and District TUC, UK
Theresa O'Keefe - Equality Studies Centre, Dublin, Ireland
Tina Gianoulis, Washington USA
Trino M Montaño R - Venezuela
Trudy Bond - USA
Tultul Biswas - India
Vanessa Ramos - Asociación Americana de Juristas/ American Association of Jurists, USA
Vanessa Ross - Guyana
Vikki Jackson - The Netherlands
Violet Brown - Jamaica
Wendy Chapkis - Professor of Women and Gender Studies, University of Southern Main, USA
Wintress White - Guyana
Women in Black - Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA
Women in Black - Vienna, Austria
Women Living Under Muslim Laws - UK
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - Santa Cruz, USA
Yasmin Alam - UK
Yvonne Benn - USA
Zeynep Alpar – Turkey




Stop the Killinig

Protests across Canada to ceasefire Gaza. Sudbury Ontario park protest last Saturday, and organizing this Friday for expanded actions. The world is horrified. Netenyahau is a nethanderal.

gross violation of human rights

 Killing civilians indiscriminately is a gross violation of human rights, besides the applicable grave violations under the Geneva Conventions. Israel is a State Party to the Geneva Conventions but does not recognize the International Penal Court, unfortunately. The answer is to isolate Israel and those countries that are standing by while all of this killing takes place. 



Pls add my name to the petition

 Meher Rehman, New Delhi, India

The massacre in Gaza

Women of Gaza, children of Gaza and people of Gaza, I am a mother and grandmother shedding tears for you. My thoughts are filled with your images and I stand with you.

 I full endorse theis call

 I full endorse theis call and have shared on Facebook.



Women and children of Gaza

 Your children are our children. Your pain is our pain. We are with you in spirit, in prayer and in our voices roaring against this agony!

Stop the war against Gazans/End the blockade

Let the Palestinian nation live on their territory in peace. In the meantime the world must come to protect them from illegal attacks and oppression by Israel. 

Heartbroken at the carnage

Heartbroken at the carnage and warmongering globally and especially in Gaza.

Add my name

Emma Rosenthal,  The We Project, Cafe Intifada, L.A. Palestinian Labor Solidarity Committee. 

Adding my name to end the slaughter of Gazan Women & Children

 Long live the brave people of Gaza!  Shame on the corrupt Israelis who are bent on destroying Gaza and its people!  Shame on those also corrupt enough to support them!  God forgive us all who can only stand by...