Statement from Chhattisgarh Women’s Organisation, India, in support of people of Linden, Guyana

Statement from Chhattisgarh Women’s Organisation (CWO)*, Chhattisgarh State, India – 25 July 2012

Chhattisgarh Women’s Organisation condemns the killing of three people and injuring of 20 people, who were protesting against increasing electricity prices, by police in Linden, Guyana on 19 July. Many women’s groups in Delhi are also opposed to these killings.
We are very sad about this. People were making their own demands and they were killed by the police. We support the protest today in Georgetown called by Red Thread and others. We are having a protest in Chhattisgarh to support people in Guyana. People in India are also protesting increase in prices.

*Chhattisgarh Women’s Organisation is a grassroots anti-racist organisation of Adivasi (Tribal) and Dalit (Untouchable) women campaigning against bonded labour, rape, low and unequal pay and other discrimination. It brings together people from these two communities who are divided by landowners and other employers, police and government.