Statement from Michigan Welfare Rights Organization to the Women's Speak Out

This statement was sent from the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization (MWRO) to the Women Speak Out during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, 26 July 2016.

Dear Colleagues:

We lament the fact that we are unable to dispatch Michigan voices to events happening in Philadelphia to match the messages being shared by you and by others. People of good faith are stretched to the limit, so know that our hearts are with you during this opportunity to speak truth to power. Know first that we are frustrated by both the lack of respect and representation demonstrated by all political parties.The quality of life for low income populations can be described as extreme suffering. Millions of American mothers, fathers, and children face hunger and homelessness by the hour in the face of electoral campaigns where spending in the billions is commonplace. This entire spectacle is obscene. The concentration-camp lives we are tied to are a result of a change in technology that has replaced low-income workers in favor of machines that don't have to be paid. We have asked for policies that lift all ships which would help to improve our collective circumstance, but few have heard our cries. Today, MI Welfare Rights joins our voices with others in Philly to say that we cannot endure this long night of pain much longer. Appointed Emergency Managers have taken over our State. Our right to vote evaporated when that happened. We were forced into a bankruptcy that was the cover story needed to sell-off city-assets to friends and family members of corporate America. We suffer mass water shutoffs, mass housing evictions, mass school closings, mass unemployment all followed by massive anger and sadness in all our communities. The current situation is not tolerable so we pray that a new vision will come from those gathered in this place that will envision the new world that must be built, not from the top down - but from from the bottom up!

Maureen D. Taylor, State Chairperson - MI/Welfare Rights Organization