Why Hillary Clinton doesn't represent grassroots women's interests, and the movement for Bernie Sanders does

Because being a woman does not automatically mean you stand with grassroots women, and being a man does not automatically mean you don't. 1%ers like Hillary do not represent us.

Because the racist and sexist welfare reform bill passed by Bill Clinton which Hillary did nothing to oppose increased homelessness, criminalization and the deep poverty of single mothers, our children and people with disabilities, devastating Black and Brown communities.

Because Hillary championed child welfare policies that tore families apart, prioritized adoption over reunification, leading to poor children being snatched from their homes, traumatized and institutionalized, feeding the prison system, non-profits and pharmaceutical company profits.

Because Hillary doesn’t value caregiving work in the home while Bernie wants us to be able to care for each other. But every mother is a working mother! Bernie says children are being denied their parents who are forced by low wages to work all their waking hours.

Because Bernie calls for pay equity (equal pay for comparable work) vs Hillary’s equal pay (equal pay for the same work). But women, the majority of caregivers, aren't generally doing the same work as men so with ‘equal pay’ most of our work would continue to be devalued or even invisible.

Because Hillary stands by Bill’s criminalization of millions of Black & Brown people, women & men. When Black Lives Matter protesters in Philly challenged Bill’s record on mass incarceration & welfare reform, both Clintons blamed Black young people. Previously Hillary called them ‘super predators’!

Because Hillary has the backing of the military industrial complex and Bernie does not, & because the money Bernie is proposing for social programs is less money going into war & occupation. He voted against the Iraq war and she for it. She promises more military support to Israel despite their repeated slaughter of civilians in Gaza while he has condemned the slaughter and raised the rights of Palestinians. She has received more money from arms and military service companies than any other candidate.

Because Hillary backed the coup in Honduras that removed President Zelaya, and take advice from mass murderer Henry Kissinger. Honduras Indigenous leader Berta Cáceres – recently assassinated – fingered Hillary for the murders of thousands of women, Indigenous, lgbtq, others. Bernie is for ending detention & deportation of families fleeing violence in Honduras and elsewhere.

Because the Clintons undermine democracy in Haiti and help maintain the desperate poverty the Haitian people face. While claiming to help Haiti, Bill destroyed Haiti’s rice agriculture. Hillary imposed Martelly as President through fraudulent elections excluding the people’s party Lavalas. She opposed raising Haiti’s minimum wage, while Bernie supports a living wage internationally.

Because no change can happen without the ongoing actions of a movement, the participation of thousands & millions. A movement got the first Black President elected but as soon as he won, the movement was dismantled & most of what we hoped to achieve never happened. Not this time! Bernie calls on the movement of supporters to stay mobilized whether or not he is elected.

Because the new anti-austerity leaders of the Labour Party in the UK, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, who won by a landslide, are also supported by and supporting a growing movement.

Whatever the results of the primary we must fight for Bernie outside of the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia July 25-28, 2016

Issued by Global Women's Strike 215-848-1120 philly@globalwomenstrike.net