Photos - Protest in support of people in Linden, Guyana

Many Guyanese Londoners responded to the call, along with Londoners from across the Caribbean – Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica; plus people from Argentina, Bolivia, Congo, Cyprus, DRC (Congo), Eritrea, India, Italy, Nigeria, Peru, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Tamil Eelam, Zimbabwe, US.
Selma James, coordinator of the Global Women’s Strike, who, together with husband and colleague CLR James, was active in the Caribbean movement for independence and federation, reminded the picket of the British invasion of Guyana in 1953 to undermine unity across race and across industries (especially bauxite and sugar) in order to protect their economic and political interests beyond independence.
Sara Callaway, Women of Colour in the Global Women's Strike opened the speak out.
A former bauxite worker from Linden said “ the area has a long history of struggle, and people won’t give up”
All African Women's Group and Women of Colour in GWS took part.
Michael Rahman, Indo-Guyanese and WPA member