Letter from Margaretta D'Arcy

Dochas Women’s Prison
Mount Joy
NC Road
Dublin 7

(posted 25 Feb 2014)

Dear Women,

I am overwhelmed with your support and amazed with your energy, it is hard work when the State incarcerates women who are doing the work that the Irish State should be doing. Protecting our neutrality, bringing justice, affirming its devotion to the ideal of peace and friendly co-operation amongst nations founded on International justice and morality. In other words your succinct slogan Caring not killing.


Support kinship carers by signing the petition and letter writing

Dear friends,


The Scottish Kinship Care Alliance is opposing a bill which will reduce government support for kinship carers. You don’t have to be in Scotland to sign their petition (see below).
The Bill is being debated again on 19 February so it is urgent to sign it now.


Philadelphia March 8: Rock, Rap & Speakout vs Poverty, Prisons & War

Rock, Rap & Speakout vs Poverty, Prisons & War, Philadelphia March 8

Saturday, March 8th 2014
International Women’s Day Event

Women Against Repression & Occupation:
Rock, Rap & Speakout vs Poverty, Prisons & War

1:30-6:30pm, Tabernacle United Church 3700 Chestnut St. W Philly All welcome!

Featuring Ursula Rucker, Ganou, Ill Fated Natives, Brianna Cash, Verbatum Jones, Kenny Sullivan, Emmett Drueding, Tot Metz "Yellow", Jacqueline Constance, music by Kayin

Children’s activities, food, action tables, door prizes… Video commemoration of March 8, 1971 FBI Break-in


Linton Kwesi Johnson performing at HAITI BENEFIT GIG on 8 March - get your ticket now!

We are delighted and honoured to announce that LINTON KWESI JOHNSON, world-renowned reggae poet and recording artist, will read some of his poems at the GIG. For more info about his creative work visit:

Peter Hallward, author of Damning the Flood, Caribbean Labour Solidarity, the George Padmore Institute and New Beacon Books have endorsed the event. Please tweet, like, email … and most importantly join us on the day.

Advance tickets here.

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