June 25-28 Global Women's Strike, Women of Color/GWS and Payday men’s network at the US Social Forums in Philadelphia, PA and San Jose, CA

Margaret Prescod
SAN JOSE: We are pleased to announce that Margaret Prescod, Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike, co-founder of Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders, and host of Pacifica Radio’s Sojourner Truth, is speaking at the USSF Plenary on Saturday June 27, at 6:30pm, Washington United Youth Center.


Whistleblowers Contingent on London Pride 2015


Defend Chelsea Manning & all whistleblowers

Saturday 27 June, meet 12.15pm outside Baker St tube_symbol.jpg (march starts 1pm)

All Welcome

Queer Strike, Refusing to Kill, Compassion in Care, whistleblowers from Yarl’s Wood detentioncentre, women from the Julian Assange Vigil and many more...


Birmingham Thur 28 May: Selma James on “Caring to Defeat the Market”

 Selma will be talking about the launch of the campaign for a living wage for mothers and other carers.
Organised by Plan C Birmingham
6.30pm, Carrs Lane Church Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham B4


“Feminomics” (Liverpool) with Selma James, Katrine Marcal, Caroline Criado-Perez and Maggie O’Carroll

 WOW – Writing on the Wall Festival 2015, Liverpool
Feminomics - What if Women Ruled the World?

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