Stop Welfare Cuts



10 March 2015
Hannah Al-Othman

download.jpgCampaigners based at Crossroads Women's Centre set up a...


Honor the fundamental work of mothers and other caregivers in the home, on the land and in the community; introduce a global petition for a living wage for caregiving. Bringing together unwaged caregivers with low-paid workers who are campaigning to...

International Women’s Day 2015 global theme and petition
A Living Wage for Mothers and other Caregivers!

Honor caregivers & community campaigners

Sunday March 8, 3-5pm
Tabernacle United Church 3700 Chestnut St W. Philly

Award ceremony, refreshments, music, exhibition, petition launch, community resource & information...

Dear Friends,

Welfare Warriors and the GWS in the US are organizing this action. 

John McDonnell MP...

Saturday, March 8th 2014
International Women’s Day Event

Women Against Repression & Occupation:
Rock, Rap & Speakout vs Poverty, Prisons & War

1:30-6:30pm, Tabernacle United Church 3700 Chestnut St. W Philly All welcome!

Featuring Ursula Rucker, Ganou, Ill Fated Natives, Brianna Cash, Verbatum Jones, Kenny Sullivan, Emmett Drueding, Tot...

Please help us get our grassroots multiracial delegation of women and men from across the country to this critical gathering.

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Meeting to share strategies and experiences with other grassroots organizers will strengthen us all in demanding that society...

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16 October 2013 PRESS RELEASE


The Philadelphia Inquirer published our Letter to the Editor in response to the news that 80% of caregivers applying for cash assistance in Pennsylvania are being denied because of new job-search requirements. We encourage you to write letters of your own, and to help publicize the federal Rise Out of Poverty (RISE) Act. Please...

Tomorrow morning – Come & support legal challenge vs the total benefit cap 9.30 Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London WC2A 2LL Holborn tube

Four vulnerable families, including mothers & children fleeing domestic violence, are challenging this discriminatory benefit cut.
For people in emergency and temporary accommodation, the total benefit cap is catastrophic, as...

 2389601129.jpgby Stephen Moore Friday, August 2, 2013
3:07 PM

A Tottenham campaigner who is refusing to pay his council tax to highlight the devastating effect of benefits cuts on Haringey’s poorest people faced magistrates for the first time today.