Stop Welfare Cuts

In light of recent welfare reforms, women call on Government to hear their cries

Written by Mary Isokariari
09/06/2013 02:00 PM

SPEAKING OUT: One woman, Emily Blackwood, speaks at the campaign launch...

Camden United for Benefit Justice is holding TWO SELF-HELP WORKSHOPS on

Housing Benefit & Bedroom Tax Council * Tax Benefit Sickness & Disability Benefits * Carer’s Allowance * Child Benefit * Social Fund & Emergency Help * Tenancies & Evictions * Sanctions * Workfare * Service Cuts & Closures * Debt Poverty & Food Banks *...

The Welfare State is being destroyed. For the first time since 1945, our right to survive is under threat. Caring – in the home, hospitals, schools, and every institution – is being attacked.

We are launching a petition to defend caring. Society must invest in mothers and other carers – the foundation of any society.

The petition Invest in a caring society....

The Global Women's Strike is part of Camden United for Benefit Justice

Say NO to evictions in Camden caused by benefit cuts and fight for benefit justice!!!!

Lobby of Full Council Meeting
Camden Town Hall (Outside)
Monday 15th April 2013
Judd Street, WC1

Thousands have been marching all over the country against the...

All carers & supporters welcome.
Protest against cuts, caps, hunger, evictions and fear – they hurt us and they hurt our children.
11am Saturday 13th April...

A day of discussion, film and organising.
Saturday 9 March 11-...

For immediate release
March 6, 2013

International Women’s Day Week kicks off as Women’s Groups hail reintroduction of RISE Out Of Poverty Act in Congress

West Coast: Margaret Prescod, 323-646-1269
East Coast: Pat Albright, 267-254-4467

Women’s groups, in the US and other countries, laud the reintroduction of the RISE Out of...