Stop Welfare Cuts

Camden United for Benefit Justice
Invites you to a Community Speak-out

Welfare Reforms –
what they mean for us
and how we can oppose them

Come and have your say
7pm Thursday 14th February 2013
at Camden Town Hall, Council Chamber
Judd St, WC1H 9JE


A multiracial group of mothers, children, other caregivers, occupiers, women and men,  older people and youth, held a Speakout and Protest outside the Republican Party Headquarters in Burbank, California on Monday, October 15th, the eve of the second presidential debate. The action was part of coordinated activities in 12 US cities held October 15th to launch a campaign for recognition of...

 We had a small but spirited gathering outside the Alameda County Welfare office in downtown Oakland.  In addition asking people passing by to sign our petitions, we decided to tape our placards on the building wall and create a display for all to read and see. But security was soon called in, they didn’t object to our presence, said we had a right to be on the sidewalk...


In 1911 welfare (“the mothers’ pension”) was introduced to enable mothers without income to keep their children.

In 1959 welfare was to "make it possible for a mother to choose between staying at home to care for her children and taking a job."

In 1977 the first congressionally mandated Conference on Women, with elected...


WHEREAS 21.6% of US children live in poverty, more than in any other major industrialized country; and

WHEREAS mothers are the primary caregivers...

Support Resources for Mothers and other Caregivers
Every Mother is a Working Mother

In this Presidential election year, the debate on whether or not being a mother is work has emerged. President Obama has said that being a mother is the hardest job there is, and Mitt Romney defending his wife said “every mother is a working mother.”

And indeed being a mother...

Hilary Rosen's 'stay at home' mum jibe has led to recognition that all mothers are entitled to welfare for their work - a worthy US import

Selma James, Wednesday 25 April 2012 13.04 BST

You can't predict when a breakthrough will come your way, and from what quarter.

For 40 years some of us have been campaigning to convince governments that...

Audio and photos from Occupy Philly's Dissecting Capitalism, part 6: Women, Capitalism and the State, hosted at LAVA space








Pat Onions -- Pat's Petition -- chained to No.10 Downing St.

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