Reclaim our children from the state

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A Call to Action! Rolling Vigil

Reunite Carolyn Hill with her nieces after eight months of forced separation by the child welfare system.

You know that the 1% are taking our benefits and safety nets, our jobs, our houses, our food, our education, our clean air & water, our freedom, our privacy, and incarcerating us...But did you know that they are also taking...

Tuesday Dec 6, 12noon
Outside Dept of Human Services (DHS)
1515 Arch St, Phila

State child rape and sex abuse scandal & cover up ... Luzerne County judges’ kickbacks for imprisoning youth ... Attacks vs LGBT youth whipped up by detention staff ... Kids taken from loving families for cash incentives to non-profits/NGOs ... Forced drugging ... 30% of former...

DHS Give Us Back Our Children

Friday October 28 4:30 pm

West Side, City Hall, 15th & Market St
near the Tech Tent
Look for our big sign, DHS - Give Us Back Our Children

With special guest: