HAITI: A Fundraiser for Survival and Justice

 Saturday 28 April 2012, 7-9pm

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Actor activist

Rea Dol

SOPUDEP School, Haiti




Haiti, Occupied Country

Wednesday, 28 September 2011 10:09
By Eduardo Galeano
(Cubasi Translation Staff)


eduardo_galeano.jpgYou can consult any encyclopedia. Ask which was the first free country in America.


HAITI – Support needed more than ever: donate to grassroots self-help

Dear friends,

After last year’s earthquake, many of you donated generously to the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund. HERF quickly used the money for immediate relief of the suffering of grassroots Haitians and to help those struggling to rebuild their lives.


With Aristide's return comes hope - Selma James in the Guardian


We don't know how Haiti will react to an election that excluded his party, but the former president will take his cue from the people

Selma James The Guardian, Monday 21 March 2011


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