This time, the people of Haiti may win

The US has overthrown Jean-Bertrand Aristide twice. But now it will encounter a new reality in the Americas

 Mark Weisbrot

guardian.co.uk, Thursday 10 February 2011 21.30 GMT


Caribbean women's statement denouncing the US-backed coup in Haiti


We, the undersigned women of the Caribbean and of Caribbean descent, denounce the US-backed coup which culminated in President Aristide’s removal from Haitian soil by US forces on Sunday, February 29, 2004.


On my return to Haiti … by President Aristide

jean_ariside.jpgA profit-driven recovery plan, devised and carried out by outsiders, can not reconstruct my country

Jean-Bertrand Aristide
The Guardian, Saturday 5 February 2011 


UK Parliament Early Day Motion JEAN BERTRAND ARISTIDE



Corbyn, Jeremy
McDonnell, John

That this House welcomes the announcement by the government of Haiti that former President Aristide will be issued with a passport and thus able to return from exile in South Africa ; deplores the manner in which he was removed from Haiti ; and hopes his return will help lead to social justice and democracy for the people.


Support grassroots Haitians’ call for President Aristide return

See Selma James in UK Guardian (below), and the ad in the Miami Herald signed by over 200 people. Sign the on line petition. http://www.petitiononline.com/haitiwom/

The Guardian, Friday 28 January 2011

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