Statement from Chhattisgarh Women’s Organisation, India, in support of people of Linden, Guyana

Statement from Chhattisgarh Women’s Organisation (CWO)*, Chhattisgarh State, India – 25 July 2012

Chhattisgarh Women’s Organisation condemns the killing of three people and injuring of 20 people, who were protesting against increasing electricity prices, by police in Linden, Guyana on 19 July. Many women’s groups in Delhi are also opposed to these killings.


INDIA: Mothers March against Poverty & Violence, for Food security, Land Rights...

There are Mothers Marches of Dalit and Tribal women and children in Mahasamund District, Dhamdari District and Saraipali Bloc.

Men are supporting and going on the marches too. The marches will all be followed by Public meetings.

Main demands of the Mothers Marchers are:

Against Poverty and Violence against women

For Food security for mothers and children, Womens Land Rights, Health rights, Free Education for all children including girl children and money and facilities in government schemes for village disabled women.


The fight against 21st century slavery

TRIBUNE, March 8, 2009

Cary Gee talks to Leddy Mozombite and Manju Gardia, two campaigners battling for the rights of domestic workers and victims of bonded labour

THERE are 700,000 domestic workers in Peru. Ninety per cent of them are indigenous women who have migrated from the countryside to the cities in order to escape poverty. Many are underage and illiterate, denied access to even basic education. It is little wonder that the situation they find themselves in once they have secured employment is little better than slavery.


India: Dalit and Tribal women together for self-help

Manju Gardia

Nawa Chhattisgarh Mahila Samiti (NCMS) is a self-help organization active in 400 villages. It has brought together Dalit and Tribal (Indigenous) women for the first time, overcoming years of divisions.

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