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VIDEO: Protest at Yarl's Wood IRC, International Day to Close Detention Centres

Watch the video of the protest at Yarl's Wood IRC on 15 June, International Day to Close Detention Centres 


Urgent Appeal for Ms Freda Nsumba - a young lesbian woman seeking asylum from Uganda

Ms Nsumba has an Appeal Hearing on 29 April 2014 against the Home Office's refusal of her asylum claim.


Queer Strike article in Diva Magazine "THERE IS NO LAW IN DETENTION"

detention_storyimage.jpg"THERE IS NO LAW IN DETENTION"
The government has repeatedly promised that LGBT asylum seekers should be treated with compassion. So why do so many end in brutal British detention centres?
Sarah Cope
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Mon, 24 Mar 2014 12:04:06 GMT | Updated today
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Petition: Prosecute G4S for Unlawful Killing of Jimmy Mubenga

On 9 July 2013, an inquest found that Mr Jimmy Mubenga was “unlawfully killed” by G4S guards on a British Airways flight. This ruling must be implemented. Those responsible for his death must be prosecuted.

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