Article in The Voice: Struggling mums issue plea for a living wage

In light of recent welfare reforms, women call on Government to hear their cries

Written by Mary Isokariari
09/06/2013 02:00 PM

SPEAKING OUT: One woman, Emily Blackwood, speaks at the campaign launch

A CAMPAIGN launched at the House of Commons last month aims to pressure the Government into mandating acceptable living wages for mothers and carers.


Petition to the UK Parliament: Invest in a caring society. A living wage for mothers and other carers

Mothers are the primary carers everywhere in the world. Caring for children, sick, disabled and elderly people is work vital to society.

Carers are impoverished. Income Support is being abolished. Child Benefit, society’s commitment to children, is no longer universal. Carer’s Allowance is insultingly low and most carers don’t even qualify. 200,000 care workers are denied the minimum wage.

When mothers are impoverished, children suffer: hunger, ill-health, and more often taken into care.


Mothers, Caregivers, Occupiers demand answers from candidates in protest outside California Republican Party HQ

A multiracial group of mothers, children, other caregivers, occupiers, women and men,  older people and youth, held a Speakout and Protest outside the Republican Party Headquarters in Burbank, California on Monday, October 15th, the eve of the second presidential debate. The action was part of coordinated activities in 12 US cities held October 15th to launch a campaign for recognition of and resources for caregiving work and an end to the immoral and shocking poverty of mothers and children.

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