San Francisco

SF Bay Area: a look back at 2016

The Global Women’s Strike/BayArea, US PROStitutes Collective and Queer Strike/BayArea look back at the year drawing to a close and ahead to the coming one, as all of us are finding ways to come together to build strength across movements to face the coming onslaught.


Selma James in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dec 2-3

Selma James
Speaking in the SF Bay Area

Sunday December 2nd at 5pm, California Institute of Integral Studies
1453 Mission Street (btn 10th & 11th St.), San Francisco
discussing ‘Sex, Race and Class’.


Anti-zionist speak by Jewish woman at Mother’s March, San Francisco

Women the world over suffer the daily impact of the global market, of chess games played with our lives by the rich and powerful over who has access to political power and resources, of military economies, and of the criminalization and other violences inflicted on those who stand in the way of power and profit.

The Zionist state of Israel participates in all of these violences. The impact on women, children and families of building an exclusive, Jewish state in Palestine takes so many forms:

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