Selma James

SF Bay Area: a look back at 2016

The Global Women’s Strike/BayArea, US PROStitutes Collective and Queer Strike/BayArea look back at the year drawing to a close and ahead to the coming one, as all of us are finding ways to come together to build strength across movements to face the coming onslaught.


Birmingham Thur 28 May: Selma James on “Caring to Defeat the Market”

 Selma will be talking about the launch of the campaign for a living wage for mothers and other carers.
Organised by Plan C Birmingham
6.30pm, Carrs Lane Church Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham B4


“Feminomics” (Liverpool) with Selma James, Katrine Marcal, Caroline Criado-Perez and Maggie O’Carroll

 WOW – Writing on the Wall Festival 2015, Liverpool
Feminomics - What if Women Ruled the World?

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