Speeches on the Arusha Declaration

Crossroads Books republished the Arusha Declaration in 2007 (its 40th Anniversary) – speeches made on that occasion by Selma James and Madaraka Nyerere here. A further edition is planned which includes Socialism and Rural Development, which it is said was part of the Arusha Declaration.


New Book! Ujamaa – the hidden story of Tanzania’s socialist villages


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The great 20th century movements for national independence were to end the scourge of Western occupation with its theft of human labour and natural resources. The disastrous regimes that followed wiped from view all that these movements achieved.

In UJAMAA, Ralph Ibbott tells two hidden stories:


Sat 18 Oct Ujamaa – the hidden story of Tanzania’s socialist villages

Selma James, coordinator of the Global Women’s Strike, edited and wrote the introduction for Ujamaa – the hidden story of Tanzania’s socialist villages and is speaking at this workshop organised by Crossroads Books.


London group re-launches Arusha Declaration

Sunday News; Sunday, June 17, 2007 @00:04
Tanzania Standard Newspapers

A LONDON group of publishers yesterday re-launched the Arusha Declaration as one of the key documents for the emancipation of man in the 20th century.

Mwalimu’s son, Madaraka is in London for the event and has been invited by the publisher, Mrs Selma James, who, with her husband, CLR James, was active in the movement for independence and federation in the Caribbean, which drew many lessons from the struggle in Africa.

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