Selma James and Nina Lopez speaking on Ujamaa – Philadelphia, April 11

UjamaaUjamaa – the hidden story of Tanzania’s socialist villages

An astonishing story of grassroots power and creativity. About time we had access to this leadership from Africa – the principles of Ujamaa can be applied anywhere. Powerful introduction by Selma James, who co-edited the book with Nina Lopez.

Saturday April 11 @ 6:30pm

Moonstone @ Brandywine Workshop 730 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19146


New Book! Ujamaa – the hidden story of Tanzania’s socialist villages


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The great 20th century movements for national independence were to end the scourge of Western occupation with its theft of human labour and natural resources. The disastrous regimes that followed wiped from view all that these movements achieved.

In UJAMAA, Ralph Ibbott tells two hidden stories:


Photos from: Rediscovering Tanzania’s Ujamaa

The struggle against poverty, war & occupation - Rediscovering Tanzania’s Ujamaa

Tribute to the Great Ntimbanjayo Millinga and the Ruvuma Development Association

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