Birmingham Thur 28 May: Selma James on “Caring to Defeat the Market”

 Selma will be talking about the launch of the campaign for a living wage for mothers and other carers.
Organised by Plan C Birmingham
6.30pm, Carrs Lane Church Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham B4


“Feminomics” (Liverpool) with Selma James, Katrine Marcal, Caroline Criado-Perez and Maggie O’Carroll

 WOW – Writing on the Wall Festival 2015, Liverpool
Feminomics - What if Women Ruled the World?


Object to sexist ruling separating baby from mother and gagging order

From: Queer Strike, Legal Action for Women, Single Mothers’ Self-Defence
Contact: Nina Lopez Tel: 020 7482 2496

Stop gagging mothers. Defend children’s fundamental right to a mother’s love and care. Write to the Family Court now.


Support Ms Juliet Nantambi - seeking asylum from homophobia

 Support Ms Juliet Nantambi - seeking asylum from homophobic violence and persecution in Uganda

Home Office reference: N3000316

Tomorrow, Friday 1 May 2015, Ms Nantambi is in court appealing against the refusal of her asylum claim because the Home Office disbelieve that she had relationships with women and would therefore face homophobic persecution, violence and even death if she were returned to Uganda.


Selma James on Nello James Centre, Manchester

 Watch video here.

BY EDITOR • MARCH 31, 2015
By a huge twist of fate, Selma James was attending a Women’s…Conference and was able, when asked by the Save Nello James campaigners, to attend the historical Nello James Centre on Withington Road, Whalley Range, Manchester on Saturday 21 March.