Selma James quoted in the Daily Telegraph

download.jpgWomen, down your tools! Why it's finally time to stop doing all the housework

As new research shows women do almost twice as much housework as men, Reni Eddo-Lodge confronts the elephant lurking in most of our homes


Support the Sheikh Sisters Struggle for Justice!

Court case ajourned, more info to follow!

Following a series of violent attacks by racist neighbours in Gloucester, the Sheikh sisters have faced police inaction and CPS bias but bravely pressed for the attackers to be prosecuted. Please see below for details.  Sign the petition here, send messages of support and circulate their face book link.

For more info:


Ecological and Anti-war - Petition: Invest in a caring society

Extract from petition "Invest in a caring society. A living wage for mothers and other carers"

Ecological and anti-war 


Queer Strike: Two workshops at Anarchist Bookfair 18 Oct

Queer Strike is doing two workshops at the Anarchist Book Fair on Saturday 18 October

Room 2.40
2nd Floor
12 noon – 1.00pm

Free Chelsea Manning! Support Whistleblowers and refuseniks!