Mumia Action Statement

The Global Women's Strike has endorsed and is joining this Action to demand justice for Mumia, thus upholding his and everyone’s right to a fair trial, and for the evidence finally to be heard and win his release.

March 8 – International Women’s Day – is coming up soon, when women in the GWS network take action in over 60 countries calling for the end of military budgets.


Mumia Abu-Jamal: Doing the Movement's Work from Inside

By Selma James, 11 February 2005

When Niki Adams, Legal Action for Women London, and I visited Mumia Abu-Jamal in prison a couple of months ago, we knew him only by reputation: an ex-Black Panther who had remained a movement fighter despite being made a political prisoner in 1981 and being on death row since 1983. We couldn't treat it as a personal visit by bringing him any material gifts: food treats, books, videos, photographs, after-shave lotion - we weren't allowed to bring him anything. A small but infuriating restriction.


Mumia's message for March 20, 2004: "End Occupations !"

The United States and its client state of Israel are using military force and aggression to dominate, occupy, and control subject peoples, both on the pretext of fighting terrorism while imposing a regime of state terror.

The US used the lie of weapons of mass destruction to unleash a war against a sovereign nation and now occupies a nation torn by conflict with a very real threat of civil war. Americans should reject the policy of preemption which really means 'might makes right'.