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Selma James and others interviewed on OccupyLSX livestream

Watch the video of Selma James and others being interviewed by Occupy LSX here


VIDEO: Vigil and Lobby against Welfare Reform Bill: 'They are picking on those easiest to vilify'

"As the House of Lords debates amendments to the welfare reform bill, protesters from a range of welfare activist groups such as Single Mothers' Self Defence, Mad Pride and Right to Work gathered outside to lobby members. They were joined by Labour MP John McDonnell, who called for 'much more severe and serious opposition' from the Labour party, in the hope that parts of the bill could be defeated if it comes back to the Commons" John Domokos, for The Guardian.

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Selma James speaks on Sex, Race and Class at Occupy LSX


Watch video here

Friday, 25 November 2011

Tent City University, Occupy London


Selma James, Global Women’s Strike.
Co-author of the women’s movement classic, Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community, Marx and Feminism and Sex, Race and Class.