Women with Corbyn

Women with Corbyn Colleagues Claire (left) and Sara (centre) at Corbyn rally in Highbury Fields, North London, 14 August. Women of Colour Global Women’s Strike has been circulating an important statement: Why people of colour should support the new Corbyn/McDonnell movement We are a network of women of colour and, although our organisation is non-party political, we […]

Selma James: Let’s Not Forget the Woman Behind Child Benefit

Universal family allowance, now known as child benefit and no longer universal, was paid for the first time 70 years ago today. It was primarily the work of Eleanor Rathbone. See my article in the Guardian celebrating the 70th anniversary of Child Benefit.

Women Reject the Use of Gender to Silence Legitimate Political Opposition

A new movement announced itself in September 2015 when Jeremy Corbyn was elected Leader of the Labour Party by a landslide. Since then, almost every established media has been busy witch-hunting, undermining and insulting that movement by targeting Corbyn and John McDonnell his shadow chancellor. These two MPs have been working together for decades, representing […]

Selma James: On Winning with Corbyn

When Jeremy Corbyn announced that he was anti-austerity, overnight he began to attract thousands who then joined Labour to vote for him as leader of the party. Some who had left in disgust at Blair’s deadly wars rejoined. Membership doubled, becoming a political force. This was entirely unexpected, like an earthquake. It upset the whole […]

Women of Colour to the Chakrabati Inquiry on Racism in the UK

We thought you might be interested in our statement which has been submitted to the Chakrabarti Inquiry“into antisemitism and other forms of racism including islamophobia, within the Labour party”. We would be glad for any feedback. We are also circulating the highly recommended submission from International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network UK, titled “An anti-racist movement versus […]

‘Evidence Against the Witch-Hunt, and the Racism that is Hidden by it’

“we do not believe that Labour is rife with antisemitism and weare outraged that antisemitism is being used to undermine the new anti-austerity,anti-racist and anti-imperialist Labour leadership. Below is evidence against thewitch-hunt, and of the racism in the UK which is hidden by it.” This is the submission from the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN) […]

Security Forces and Corbyn: Guardian Letter

The following is a letter written to the Guardian, in response to an interview with Unite leader, Len McCluskey: Len McCluskey says that the security forces are “involved in dark practices” to discredit Jeremy Corbyn (Len McCluskey: intelligence services using ‘dark practices’ against Corbyn, 23 July, andhttps://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jul/25/len-mccluskey-adds-context-to-his-comments-on-mi5). McCluskey has been in politics long enough to […]

Bernie’s Movement – Global Women’s Strike in NYT

On Tuesday, Ms. Grover invited me to a women’s speak-out event at a church downtown that was organized by the social justice group Global Women’s Strike. The event’s attendees skewed older and much more local than the protest on Monday did. Here were people invested in the unglamorous work of coalition building — activists on […]