Grenfell: Burning Fury

People in Grenfell Tower lost their lives because those who are to keep them safe didn’t think they were worth spending money on. Those put in tower blocks, which are hazards – and it turns out many of them are tragedies waiting to unfold – are treated as a liability, an unprofitable expense rather than […]

“This is Our Chance”

Kilburn walkabout, 7 June 2017 A member of Kilburn Labour Party called for a walkabout to follow the boundaries of the Kilburn ward, as used to be the tradition before elections. About 60 people turned up and cheerfully walked together with placards and chants, backed by a mobile sound system playing Liar Liar and Get […]

Woman’s Hour Arrogant and Nasty Interview with Jeremy Corbyn

This complaint was sent to Woman’s Hour on Tuesday 30 May: We were shocked by the arrogant and nasty way in which Emma Barnett interviewed Jeremy Corbyn. The clear purpose of the interview was not to inform the audience but to demean the person that many thousands of people (in the majority women) made leader […]

A Woman’s Place is in the Labour Manifesto

MORNING STAR  6 JUNE 2017 Labour is offering a realistic and hopeful alternative to the Tories’ continuing attacks on us all, especially women, write NINA LOPEZ and SELMA JAMES Labour’s manifesto has permanently changed the political landscape. It offers what we always wanted but were told we couldn’t have — a welfare state funded by […]