Selma James in Il Manifesto: «Per affermare il valore della cura, sciopero globale»

INTERNAZIONALE Intervista. La cura è un’attività umanizzante, si diventa un essere umano completo quando si rende l’altro centrale nel proprio operato, oggi gli uomini stanno imparando  Selma James Selma James, classe 1930, è un’autrice e attivista statunitense, da molti anni residente a Londra. Ha scritto insieme a Maria Rosa Dalla Costa «Potere femminile e sovversione sociale». […]

Cardiff People’s Assembly hosting an event with Selma James, “Women Race and Class: Uniting Our Struggles”.

Selma James – on struggles of women 21 Nov 2017 /Oindrila Gupta On 30th November, Cardiff People’s Assembly is hosting an event with Selma James, “Women Race and Class: Uniting Our Struggles”. men and women on a protest against austerity (picture credit: Cardiff People’s Assembly) Selma James, celebrated author and the founder of the international Wages for Housework […]

International Women’s Strike planning meeting Tues 20 Nov, 6pm

Come to a planning meeting for the International Women’s Strike (IWS: 8 March 2019) 6pm, Tuesday 20 November 2018 Liz Hilton (EMPOWER-Thailand) is in London for a few days. So we are meeting now to benefit from Thai women’s struggle and especially their mass movement of sex workers. Also, Liz, Selma James and Nina Lopez (Global […]

“Universal Credit – a hostile environment for women”. Article in Morning Star.

SELMA JAMES AND SOLVEIG FRANCIS | TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2018 Women are more likely to be single parents and carers, which is why the attacks on welfare under the universal credit policy have been an act of political misogyny, writes SELMA JAMES and SOLVEIG FRANCIS THE FURY against universal credit (UC), imposing destitution and even […]