GWS on the 1st UK-wide Youth Strike 4 Climate #FFF

The Global Women’s Strike was happy to support the 1st UK-wide Youth Strike 4 Climate #FFF in Parliament Square on 15 February. Several thousand multi-racial resolute school students gathered in Parliament Sq and blockaded the traffic. Actions were planned in at least 60 towns and cities across the UK, from Cornwall to the Highlands.  Young women were prominent.  See some pics below.  Several were keen to join our International Women’s Strike on 8 March at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Don’t forget to put 15th March in your diary for the global climate youth strike! Facebook event here

8 March: picket Royal Courts of Justice 12-2 pm


● The first Global Women’s Strike (coordinated by the Wages for Housework Campaign – WFH) was called for 8 March 2000, inspired by the 1975 Iceland women’s Day Off and a strike call by women in Ireland ● In 2016 women in Poland stopped work against anti-abortion laws ● In 2017 they joined with the movement against femicide in Argentina, and coordinated an international strike with women in 50+ countries ● In 2018, 6m women in Spain went on strike ● The strikes highlighted unwaged caring work, unequal pay, rape and domestic violence, exploitation, climate change …


·       Many injustices are fought out here – destitution, detention, deportation, benefit cuts, zero-hours contracts, sexism, racism and other discrimination, criminalisation, pollution, the state taking children from mothers …

·       Since the 1970s, WFH has defended mums threatened with losing their kids because they were poor, fleeing domestic violence, lesbian, sex workers.

·       Children from poor areas are 10 times more likely to be taken; thousands are forcibly adopted each year. Mothers who are single, of colour, immigrant, disabled, victims of domestic violence are targeted.

·       Benefit cuts and sanctions (including Universal Credit), and starvation wages hit women and children hardest – 5m children live in poverty; single mother families are 85% of those affected by the benefit cap.

·       Calling poverty ‘neglect’ is one excuse to split up families – love, caring work, even breastfeeding, are dismissed. Families are denied their legal right to resources but millions are spent on placing children with strangers.

·       For two years Support not Separation (SnS) has picketed the family court. They will join us to demand a living wage for mothers and other carers.

·       We stand against the hostile environment, the destruction of life, the threat to our planet caused by corporate greed, wars, arms sales …


Join us for a walking/rolling picket, speak-out, breastfeeding sit-in … bring the demands from your own campaigning … wear a gilet jaune (hi-viz vest) … bring pots and pans to be heard! All women, children and non-binary people welcome. Supportive men, please contact

Global Women’s Strike
Facebook event

020 7482 2496


Please sign: Unison petition to repeal two child limit to Universal Credit +Tax Credits

Dear Friends

Please sign, and circulate the Petition to the UK Government and Parliament: Repeal the two child limit to Tax Credits and Universal Credit

Tweet from Unison, 11 Jan 2019
UNISON – the union‏ @unisontweets

The decision not to extend the 2 child limit to families that had their third child before 6 April 2017 is welcome – but we still need to END the 2 child limit in tax credits & #UniversalCredit. Sign UNISON’s parliamentary petition here


Thur 21 Feb: Another kind of Question Time w Leanne Wood & Natalie Bennett

Another kind of Question Time

            We welcome to London     who will be joined by


former leader of Plaid Cymru

(Party of Wales)


former leader of

the Green Party


Chaired by Selma James

7-9 pm Thursday 21 February

Crossroads Women’s Centre

25 Wolsey Mews, London NW5 2DX

All welcome   Entrance: donation

Leanne Wood and Natalie Bennett are women who have led political parties which urged for change.  They will compare experiences, the conclusions they have reached and their plans for the future.

As we prepare for International Women’s Day, this Q & A with them will give us all a chance to evaluate involvement in electoral politics, and whether and how much it can change the lives and labours of most of us, starting with women.

Tel: 020 7482 2496


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