Mothers’ Climate March, Sunday 12 May, 12 noon Hyde Park Corner – join us

We’re joining the Mothers’ Climate March because: Rural mothers risk their lives to defensed  lands/forests/waters from agribusinesss/mega-dams/mining/fracking which are driving much of global heating. Mothers are at the forefront of a global peasant movement which is taking on industrial agriculture to provide healthy food for all and re-green and cool the planet! Breastfeeding is discouraged- […]

Selma James quoted in article: “What is killing marriage and the family?”

It’s not just the free market or big government – there’s Big Sister too Belinda Brown | May 11 2019 |  1 Share on FacebookShare on Twitter forward by email Print Subscribe The male breadwinner … now just a privilege of the upper middle class? The birth of a new Royal baby here in Britain reminds us what privileged women […]

Complain to Woman’s Hour about their sexist reporting on “parental alienation”

Selma James to Woman’s Hour I am appalled by Woman’s Hour’s report on  ‘parental alienation’ (26 April 2016)  provoked by Families Need Fathers’s march the day  before. You reported on ‘parental alienation’ which has  notoriously been used by fathers, including violent fathers, to discredit the mother who is most often the caring  parent, and to […]