Open letter to governments – a Care Income Now!

Bahasa, Burmese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Mandarin, Romanian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu so far. Every day and in every emergency, unwaged or low waged caregivers, urban and rural, mostly women, often immigrant women, struggle to protect and care for people of every age and condition. But this work is kept invisible and therefore there is […]

There is more than one pandemic. In response to the health, climate, poverty and war crises, we call for a Care Income Now!

The coronavirus pandemic comes on top of the climate pandemic, the poverty pandemic and the war pandemics which have hit single mother families, ill, disabled and older people hardest. It is exposing weaknesses in our ability to resist and survive physically and financially – from immune systems already compromised by poverty, pollution, war, occupation and displacement […]

Camden New Journal: Let’s value the work of human survival

Marking International Women’s Day on Sunday, Selma James argues the long-overdue case for a Care Income 06 March, 2020 — By Selma James IT’S almost 50 years since I marched, with thousands of others, behind the women’s liberation banner. Groups formed all over London and the UK, discussing what in our lives we wanted to change. Everything! […]

Morning Star: The crucial work that women do is often overlooked

Women’s caring role in society means we end up doing a ‘double day’ whether we like it or not, writes SELMA JAMES WHEN the women’s liberation movement began in 1970, groups sprang up all over London and all over Britain. You would have a meeting and establish some of the things you wanted to discuss […]

WinVisible win £10,500 for woman with disability

You are here: Home / Benefits and Poverty / Tribunal victory gives hope to ‘failure to attend’ benefit victims Tribunal victory gives hope to ‘failure to attend’ benefit victims By John Pring on 27th February 2020Category: Benefits and PovertyListenListen with webReaderFocus A disabled woman’s tribunal victory has given hope to claimants who cannot take part in face-to-face benefit assessments for impairment, health, or trauma-related […]

Event – breastfeeding best for babies and planet too

Join Shoda Rackal from @WomenStrike Women of Colour and Solveig Francis from #CrossroadsWomenCentre for a conversation about mothers, breastfeeding and campaigns for a #CareIncome!