We are an international grassroots network campaigning for recognition and payment for all caring work, in the home and on the land...



We are an international grassroots network campaigning for recognition and payment for all caring work, in the home and outside. Mothers and other carers, of every gender, are entitled to a living wage, a Care Income – in cash, land, non-polluting technology… – for their caring work for people and planet.


Corporate greed, imperial and military conquest are impoverishing us, destroying the climate and the world. We campaign for a caring economy where human beings and all life are central, not a means to obscene profits for the few.  


We campaign to end power relations of sex, race, class, income, nation, immigration status, city and countryside, age, disability, occupation, gender identity, North and South … (See organisations part of GWS.) We work with Payday, a network of men who share our aims.

We campaign for a caring economy where human beings and all life are central, not a means to an end.

The caring work women do produces and reproduces the workforce, in fact the whole human race. It should be a source of power for women. Instead it is used to exploit and impoverish us. To escape poverty and financial dependence, women have fought to enter jobs and careers previously reserved for men. Some have risen in the capitalist hierarchy but most have not, especially mothers, so we are still the poorer sex.

The status of caring work – vital to survival and wellbeing – has hardly changed. It is still unpaid or low paid. Some of the financial recognition mothers had won – welfare, Family Allowance / Child Benefit, Income Support has been rolled back.

As part of the climate justice movement, we  campaign with natural farmers, land and human rights defenders, opposing corporate takeovers and industrial farming which treats animals like machines. 

Our campaigns include:

Ending poverty, welfare cuts, detention, deportation, a care income for all carers of people,  the  land and the natural world, domestic workers’ rights, pay equity, justice for survivors of rape and domestic violence, challenging racism, disability racism, queer discrimination, transphobia, decriminalising sex work, stopping the state taking children from their mothers, opposing apartheid, war, genocide, military occupation, corporate land grabs, supporting human rights defenders, ending the death penalty and solitary confinement.

All of our campaigns are for climate justice and survival. 


Selma James is speaking at the Anarchist Bookfair, London. 

By Global Women's Strike | 17th September 2022

16.30-17.30pm : Autonomy – Central to Organizing and Unity. UPCOMING EVENT : Selma James is speaking at the Whitechapel Gallery this weekend! Workshop with Q&A at the London Anarchist Bookfair Clore Creative Studio in the Whitechapel Gallery (close to the Bookfair) 77-82 Whitechapel High St, London E1 7QX. The Global Women’s Strike is also having…

Video: Wages for Housework: 50 years of campaigning – Empowering Women: A Care Income for People and Planet

By Global Women's Strike | 26th March 2022

Watch the webinar here: https://www.facebook.com/GlobalWomensStrike/videos/389912809261517 Empowering caregivers is advanced as a strategy against poverty and for climate justice. This webinar showcases international efforts from the 1995 UN Beijing conference decision to measure and value unremunerated work in the home, on the land and in the community, to the Wages for Housework Campaign which spearheaded the…

Video: Wages for Housework: 50 years of campaigning – Selma James, founder of the WFH Campaign, in conversation with Margaret Prescod, co-founder Black Women for Wages for Housework

By Global Women's Strike | 25th March 2022

Statement: International Women’s Day 2021

By Global Women's Strike | 8th March 2021

Global Women’s Strike & Women of Colour GWS – International Women’s Day 2021 CARING for PEOPLE and PLANET Against POVERTY and DICTATORSHIP Women (and men) in a number of countries are calling for a Care Income Now!, an income for all those – beginning with women, the first carers everywhere, and extending to all genders…

Renta de los cuidados_YA!

By Global Women's Strike | 17th February 2021

Event: Care During COVID-19

By Global Women's Strike | 17th October 2020

Political Freshers’ Week: Care During COVID-19 Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 6 PM UTC+01 – 7:30 PM UTC+01 Hosted by Cambridge SU Women’s Campaign and Cambridge University Justice 4 Workers Campaign Online Event This Political Freshers’ Week, the Women’s Campaign and Justice 4 Workers Cambridge have teamed up with Global Women’s Strike to discuss one of the most…

Event: Selma James & Nina Lopez at Gender, livelihood & impact of Covid

By Global Women's Strike | 1st September 2020

Tuesday 1 Sept, 2.30-4.30pm: Selma James and Nina Lopez speaking at conference session on: Gender, livelihood and the impact of Covid organized by the Feminisms and Degrowth Alliance. To register: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/economy-and-livelihoods-after-covid-19-tickets-116083505891 This session is organized by the Feminisms and Degrowth Alliance (FaDA). It contains intersectional feminist reflections on Covid-19 and the politics of social reproduction, the Care Income, and…

There is more than one pandemic. In response to the health, climate, poverty and war crises, we call for a Care Income Now!

By Global Women's Strike | 20th March 2020

The coronavirus pandemic comes on top of the climate pandemic, the poverty pandemic and the war pandemics which have hit single mother families, ill, disabled and older people hardest. It is exposing weaknesses in our ability to resist and survive physically and financially – from immune systems already compromised by poverty, pollution, war, occupation and displacement…

How the black community is affected by racism from the police, the justice system and the media. Prepared by Reverend Francis Ackroyd, High Cross Church, Tottenham, with Black Women for Wages for Housework and Legal Action for Women

By Global Women's Strike | 16th July 1998

The Weekly Journal: The Crime Bill and the Black Community

By Global Women's Strike | 4th March 1997