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Acabar con la pobreza de las mujeres: un ingreso de cuidado garantizado para todas las cuidadoras(es) de las personas y el planeta

Un encuentro internacional y comunitario, 9 - 11 de junio 2023

A FAVOR Pago para quienes cuidan y protegen a las personas y el medio ambiente

EN CONTRA de la pobreza, la quita de custodia de niñxs, la criminalización, la violación sexual, doméstica y del estado, el sexismo, el racismo y la discriminación de todo tipo, la deportación, la guerra...

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Viernes 9 de junio

10am-4pm, Taller: Cómo la naturaleza regula el clima y cómo la agricultura natural puede ayudar, con Didi Pershouse y enseñanzas de grupos de autoayuda de mujeres en Andhra Pradesh, India

5-7pm, Gran recepción de inauguración y medio siglo de archivos con Selma JamesMargaret Prescod y otras(os).

Sábado & Domingo 10 y 11 de junio

Reunión de todo el día de luchadoras(es) comunitarias(os), nacionales e internacionales, ¡y tú! Lista completa a seguir.

Un encuentro internacional y comunitario, 9 - 11 de junio 2023

Pranom Somwong (Bee) works with Protection International (Thailand) providing security to human rights defenders, and is a founding member of the Community Women Human Rights Defenders Collective in Thailand, which represents 19 sectors of struggles for life, land and livelihoods, ranging from indigenous women, women with disability, sex workers, refugee women to women farmers. They work collectively for their rights and demand a care income to secure their lives and strengthen their movement against injustices including environmental destruction and corporate land grabbing.

Choosri Olakisis (Prueng) is a landless farmer, part of the Southern Peasant Federation of Thailand (SPFT) and a founding member of the Community WHRD Collective in Thailand. SPFT has been campaigning for the right to farmland since 2008. SPFT resists the country’s centralized land management system that has resulted in inequitable land distribution, concentrated in the hands of a few powerful owners, and inevitably in land conflicts. SPFT promotes natural farming and community land titles. Four SPFT leaders, two of whom were women, have been assassinated, others have been shot and injured during the struggle. Women Human Rights Defenders in Thailand face threats, violence, and additional risks such as sexual assaults.

Choosri Olakisis
Charles Hector

Mr. Charles Hector is a Malaysian lawyer and human rights advocate.   He was a member of the Malaysian Bar and instrumental in establishing legal aid for all and in ensuring the Bar to be involved in a variety of human rights issues by successfully moving a number of significant Motions that were adopted as Malaysian Bar Resolutions. Hector has been involved in a wide range of human rights issues, including ending the death penalty, freedom of assembly, urban settler rights, worker and trade union rights, women’s rights, indigenous peoples’ rights, land rights, administration of justice and migrant/refugee rights. Hector has faced judicial harassment for his work.

Melody Webb is a lawyer and director of the Washington DC-based Mother’s Outreach Network, a nonprofit advocacy organization that advances the inclusion and empowerment of Black mothers in the struggle for family preservation by transforming government income and child welfare laws, policies and practices from punitive to empowering. She is also the coordinator of the DC Guaranteed Income Coalition which seeks to pass a permanent guaranteed income for all in Washington, D.C., and to protect and strengthen the current social safety net through policies that advance economic mobility.

Leddy Mozombite Linares is the General Secretary of the Domestic Workers' Union in Peru (SENTTRAHOP), and coordinator of the Global Women's Strike/Peru.

Leddy Mozombite Linares
Peggy O'Mara

Peggy O’Mara is an award winning journalist. She was the Editor and Publisher of Mothering Magazine for over 30 years, "the magazine of natural family living". had 1.5 million viewers in the 90s before sold.

Swati Renduchintala is a development professional working in sustainable food systems, climate change and systems and scale thinking. She works as an Associate Scientist with World Agroforestry Centre, and is deployed with the Andhra Pradesh community-managed natural farming (APCNF) programme. She has worked closely with rural communities in India, spending 500 days with them to understand the community, women and marginalized perspectives.

Swati Renduchintala
Niki Adams

◄ Niki Adams is a spokesperson for the English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP). ► Rachel West is a spokesperson for the US PROStitutes Collective based in San Francisco.  Both organizations campaign for the decriminalization of prostitution and for justice, protection and resources so that no-one is forced into prostitution through poverty or violence.

Rachel West