5o years on. . .


For the whole of 2022, the International Wages for Housework Campaign, which co-ordinates the Global Women’s Strike, will celebrate its golden anniversary.

We are holding a series of events and launching our 1972-2022 archives at Bishopsgate Institute, London.


See below for  further information about these events and how to register for them below.

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>> 8 March 2020: What do Mothers and Carers Want? As part of the Wages for Housework (WFH) 50th anniversary events series, the Global Women’s Strike launched an International Survey – What Do Mothers and other Carers Want? - with speakers from 13 countries. Watch the webinar here.

>> 24 March 2022: Online discussion panel: Selma James, founder of the WFH Campaign, in conversation with Margaret Prescod, co-founder Black Women for Wages for Housework. Watch the webinar here.

>> 25 March 2022: The Global Women's Strike Experience. Panelists who have been with the WFH Campaign for years, while others are newer members, speak about their experiences of organizing as part of an international network with a shared perspective. And how this has changed their lives. Hear the discussion.

>> 27 March 2022: The Archives, Moving Forward by Looking Back. Find out about the event here

>> 27 March 2022: Moving Forward by Looking Back, Community Archives Exhibit 1972-1981. Online discussion panel. Video of 50th Anniversary Wages for Housework Campaign event and the launch of Wages for Housework Community Archives at Crossroads Women Center, Philadelphia. Watch the event here. 

>> 8 July 2022: Archive Films: Our Time Is Coming Now & All Work and No Pay. BBC films made with Selma James in 1970.  These iconic films explore the beginnings of the women's liberation movement in Britain. Watch them here below.

>> 22-29 July 2022: Stories from South America. Orphan Mothers, Journey with the Revolution and Enter the Workers. Find out more here.


Our recent posts... 

“News story of the year” goes to Channel 5’s coverage on disabled mothers: A collaborative project with Support Not Separation and Disabled Mothers Rights Campaign.

By Global Women's Strike | 14th September 2023

Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign and Support Not Separation worked with Channel 5 on its national news programme broadcast at 5pm, 25 January 2023.  Ch5 announced their shocking findings that parents with a learning disability are 54 times more likely to have their children taken into care.  This confirms our experience of the discrimination and hostility…

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Event: London Socialist Film Co-Op presents: Walter Rodney: What they don’t want you to know.

By Global Women's Strike | 14th September 2023

Join us for a screening of Walter Rodney: What they don’t Want you to Know (2022), a documentary exploring the life of Guyanese academic and activist Dr Walter Rodney.  The event will be accompanied by a panel and Q&A with: Arlen Harris, director Dr. Patricia Rodney, academic and widow of Walter Rodney Selma James, writer and activist…

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Mothers Manifesto protest outside Parliament – join us!

By Global Women's Strike | 11th September 2023

Dear Friends The Global Women’s Strike will be supporting The Mothers Manifesto protest calling for action on food insecurity outside Parliament on Wednesday 13 September from 11am-4pm.   They wrote the following email about the protest.  We hope you can join us. We know the situation for many women here in the UK, one of the…

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Remembering Liz Hilton, our dear sister-in-arms

By Global Women's Strike | 3rd August 2023

Today, 3 August 2023, on her birthday, we remember Liz Hilton, our much-loved wonderful friend and sister in struggle. She would have been 61 had she not been unexpectedly taken from us earlier this year. Liz was born in Australia and lived in Thailand for decades, where she found a new movement family with Empower,…

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In the media: Climate change lessons from Andhra Pradesh, Camden New Journal.

By Global Women's Strike | 14th July 2023

The state of Andhra Pradesh in India has seen a transformation to natural farming which has been made possible by women organizing, writes Solveig Francis. They have created thousands of self-help organizations across more than 3,000 villages.  Since 2016 they have spearheaded an agricultural, economic and social transformation through Community Managed Natural Farming: agroecology based on no/low tilling,…

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Event: Climate change – learning from women farmers in Andhra Pradesh, India.

By Global Women's Strike | 13th July 2023

A Global Women’s Strike event for South India Heritage Month. Thursday 20 July 2023, 6-8pm, Swiss Cottage Library, 88 Avenue Rd, London NW3 3HA.  ALL WELCOME. What we saw when we visited the women’s self-help groups transforming their communities with natural farming. We in the city must know more about how our food is grown…

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Tribute to Madjiguène Cissé, distinguished Sans Papiers spokeswoman who passed away recently.

By Global Women's Strike | 29th June 2023

Women of Colour GWS and Payday Men’s network wrote this tribute for an event organised by some Sans-Papiers collectives from the Paris region, students in struggle in Paris and the Marche des Solidarities, held 27 June 2023 in Paris.(French translation below). We send our deepest condolences to Madjiguène Cissé’s family and friends and all the…

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Give Us Back Our Children

By Global Women's Strike | 19th June 2023

“Take Away our Poverty not Our Children” * Give Us Back Our Children is a US-based national multiracial network of organizations, mothers, grandmothers and supporters demanding an end to forced and unjust separation of children from their mothers and other primary caregivers by the child welfare system. It includes Alexandria House, A New Way of…

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Press conference and action outside Philadelphia Family Court: Take away our poverty, not our children – Implement recommendations on child separation

By Global Women's Strike | 12th June 2023

For Children’s Week for the Child Tax Credit, mothers, grandmothers and supporters from Philadelphia will be joined by others from Baltimore, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New York, England and Scotland who are suffering from the same abusive child welfare system. We are demanding the implementation of the Recommendations of the Philadelphia City Council Special Committee on Child Separation, starting with: Poverty is not neglect and must not be used as a reason for child removal; Get resources to mothers/caregivers – support, not separation; Open the family court

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