Women of Colour Global Women's Strike : Campaigning against Police sexim, racism, violence and illegality. 

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Our first public campaign was with Women Against in 1975 defending Jackie Berkely a young Black woman sexually assaulted in a Manchester police cell. Also see fantastic speech by Esme Baker, at the Immigrant Women: Bringing it All Back Home conference. Ms Baker, a mum, was sexually assaulted in a police van 1980 for defending her sons from police violence.

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Event: Meet the brave Colombian women campaigning against state murders

By Global Women's Strike | 8th November 2023

We are delighted to welcome Jacqueline Castillo and Rubiela Giraldo from MAFAPO (Madres de los Falsos Positivos) a courageous network of mothers and other women fighting for justice for over 6,402 innocent civilians murdered by the Colombian state, in a campaign of atrocities known as “Falsos Positivos”. As millions across the world demonstrate for a ceasefire in Gaza, it…

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Statement: To united Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC) against all state violence.

By Global Women's Strike | 28th October 2023

-The consistent campaigning which you have led for decades for justice for family membersand loved ones has helped build the movement to hold UK police and establishment accountable for their crimes.– Women of all races have joined people of colour demanding an end to the violence and injusticewe have suffered at the hands of the police, including rape and…

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Why women oppose the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill.

By Global Women's Strike | 29th March 2022

We have been organising for decades for protection and justice from a pandemic of sexual and domestic violence against women and children, reinforced by policies of austerity that target us, undermining our financial independence and therefore our safety. Survivors of rape and domestic violence have come forward, nationally and internationally, reporting an epidemic of sexual violence in our homes,…

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Press: Peers deliver heavy defeat to government’s authoritarian policing bill

By Global Women's Strike | 18th January 2022

THE government has suffered a heavy defeat in the House of Lords over its widely condemned plans to curb protest rights. Opposition peers voted on Monday night against 14 amendments put forward by ministers to the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill. The rejected amendments included limiting noise during demonstrations, new powers for police to stop and search anyone…

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Women’s Demands for Black Lives Movement: End Stop & Search.

By Global Women's Strike | 29th September 2021

The most pervasive racist abuse by police. Every mother of sons worries about and the possibility of its escalation. Read our full statement here below.

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OPEN LETTER: Calling out Opportunists, Hijackers and police in the movement…

By Global Women's Strike | 29th November 2020

The massive Black Lives Matter movement with its timely and urgent demands to endsystemic racism is facing the threat of being diverted from its core demands. Attempts arebeing made to shift the focus onto manufactured issues that stereotype our communities, like“Black on Black” violence and knife/gang crime — code words for labelling young Blackpeople, often in poor communities, as…

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Press: Calvin Bungisa: It’s time we had justice, says mother

By Global Women's Strike | 15th October 2020

Celine Nzuzi gives first interview THE mother of a young man killed by a group of masked men last year said she missed her “lovely boy” every day as she described the devastation his death has wreaked on her family. In her first interview, Celine Nzuzi said the community needed justice for her son, Calvin Bungisa, who was ambushed…

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End Police rape, brutality, killings in Nigeria #EndSARS: 

By Global Women's Strike | 28th February 2019

In blatant disregard for the lives of fellow African people, Nigerian police areattacking protesters, but we are heartened at the bravery and determination of people in the massive protests against police killing and brutality and the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). The movement in support of the uprising in Nigeria is growing worldwide. Read our statement in support of actions in Nigeria,…

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Press: Day of action says Black Women’s Lives matter too.

By Global Women's Strike | 24th March 2016

Black Coaltion fighting serial murderers: For two decades over 200 black women went missing in South Central Los Angeles. To remember the victims and get justice for their families, an International Day of Action was held in the US and UK during International Women’s week. Read our full article here below.

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Botched police raid: My 18 months of hell after race charge.

By Global Women's Strike | 19th March 2014

A disabled mother has hit out at police after they charged her with racially assaulting an officer during a raid on her home. Download the full article here below

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