All of our campaigns are for climate justice and human survival...

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Invest in caring not killing - Palestine

Like millions of people around the world, we are horrified and outraged at Israel's bombing and siege of Gaza, cutting off water, food, electricity, fuel and medical supplies, the destruction of homes, schools and hospitals, and the forced evacuation of over a million people.

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Caring for the Land

As part of the climate justice movement, we  campaign with natural farmers, land and human rights defenders, opposing corporate takeovers and industrial farming which treats animals like machines. 

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Care Income Now

Campaigning for recognition and payment for all caring work, in the home and outside. Mothers and other carers, of every gender, are entitled to a living wage, a Care Income – in cash, land, non-polluting technology… – for their caring work for people and planet.


End Women's Poverty

Our new Crossroads Women’s Center in Philadelphia is well and truly launched! On June 9-11, 2023, the Global Women’s Strike held an international and community gathering there, putting our multiracial Center on the map, strengthening the connections between struggles, and making new ones.

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Burma/Myanmar: Urgent Appeal for Donations

Support this appeal from the Karen Women’s Organisation (KWO) in Burma/ Myanmar to provide urgent direct assistance to ensure the survival of Karen women & families. Hundreds have been killed and tens of thousands have been forced to flee the repression and air strikes after a military coup and are hiding in the jungle.