Women’s Demands for Black Lives Matter Movement

End Stop & Search. The most pervasive racist abuse by police: 375,588 s&s in England & Wales (2019), and a sharp increase during lockdown. Black people, especially children and young men, are 10x more likely to be s& than white people; Asian people x3 more. It humiliates, persecutes and interferes in daily life. Every mother […]

Wash Post op ed agrees with the Wages for Housework Campaign!

Please see this Washington Post op ed, Yes. Balancing work and parenting is impossible. Here’s the data, which mentions the Wages for Housework Campaign, links to the Global Women’s Strike and calls for what we have been advocating for decades. A two-parent family chronicled balancing waged work and caregiving work for their children during lockdown and found: “The […]

Support Money for Unwaged Caregivers! Endorse the Worker Relief and Credit Reform Act!

The pandemic demonstrates how caregivers serve as frontline and essential workers, filling the gaps in our health care system. Even before this crisis, around 43.5 million Americans worked as unpaid caregivers to their children, aging parents or adult family members with a disability. The WRCR Act updates the definition of work to recognize the uncompensated […]

Morning Star: ‘Juneteenth’ is our Freedom Day

SARA CALLAWAY AND CRISSIE AMIS FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2020 Today we will celebrate the anniversary of our emancipation from slavery by joining the Poor People’s Campaign Digital Gathering, write SARA CALLAWAY and CRISSIE AMIS Coinciding with the anniversary of emanciptaion in the US, a remarkable wave of protests for racial equality has swept the globe […]

Event: Sat 20 June join Poor People’s Campaign virtual march

The Global Women’s Strike & Payday networks are joining the Poor People’s Campaign virtual march on Washington this Saturday 20 June 2020. Wherever you are, join us! An unprecedented wave of protests for racial justice has swept the United States and the globe since the modern-day police lynching of George Floyd on 25 May. In […]

Event: June 20: Poor People’s Campaign Digital Mass Gathering!

The Global Women’s Strike and Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike are national partner organizations with the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival.  We urge you to join us for the Poor People’s Campaign June 20th Digital Gathering.  In the context of uprisings across the country against police killings of […]


Guest Articles by Guest Writer – 12/06/2020 The Stories of those involved: Written by Greg Kennedy After the murder of George Floyd by four Minneapolis Police officers and countless other cases of racially motivated hate crimes across the US by citizens and police – the UK stood alongside the United States this weekend in a number of Black […]

CNJ: Death a massive wake-up call

Camden New Journal Letters Coverage of Mr Cardoso and other deaths in police custody, and CNJ’s marks of respect for anti-racist protest is appreciated.  (Mother of student who died in custody: ‘Black men are dying for no reason’) Harrowing images of George Floyd’s torture and death by police kneeling on his neck have been a […]