Final report: What Mothers and Other Caregivers Want

In a survey of 1065 respondents from 50 countries, an overwhelming 84% said that caring deserves a care income. They wanted more time with their family, and to work outside the home part-time rather than full-time. While the responses summarized in the report reflect only the views of those who took part, they provide illustrative testimonials on crucial topics. Read the report in full here.

The key findings are particularly poignant for mothers and are ripe for immediate action for change:

1. Caregiving is work that makes a valuable contribution to society.

2. Caregiving is often invisible. 

3. The bond between mother and child is vital. 

4. Most mothers would prefer to have more time for family and relationships, and to work outside the home only part-time. 

5. Mothers and other caregivers would prefer to take care of their older relatives at home, as would the majority of people who rely on their care. 

6. In no country did respondents think society values the work of mothers and other caregivers. 

7. Caring work deserves a care income – that was the view of 84% of respondents!