July 20 Philadelphia: Black Women’s Lives Count



Community Conversation · Archives Display · Film clips
Music · Refreshments · Childcare (call ahead)

Saturday July 20 3-5pm
Crossroads Women’s Center
5011 Wayne Ave Phila PA 19144

Since the early 1980s, at least 200 Black women and girls were killed or disappeared and presumed dead in South Los Angeles, they were victims of multiple serial killers who preyed on vulnerable and impoverished Black women. Law enforcement referred to the victims as NHI (No Humans Involved) and the murders were not prioritized by public officials or the media. For decades, the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders (Black Coalition) protested and gathered community support in demanding justice. The Black Coalition are now working on a permanent memorial monument (ROSE South LA) for the victims that reclaims their dignity, shows community care, underscores that their lives mattered and provides family members and the impacted community a dignified space for reflection and healing.

  • Conversation with founder Margaret Prescod and artist Michael Massenburg from the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders
  • Archives display of the Black Coalition & local community struggles
  • Film clips from Tales of the Grim Sleeper, an award winning film that tells the story of the murders and the fight for justice

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Called by: Women of Color/Global Women’s Strike, Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders and the Wages for Housework Community Archives