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For the whole of 2022, the International Wages for Housework Campaign, which co-ordinates the Global Women’s Strike, will celebrate its golden anniversary.

We are holding a series of events and launching our 1972-2022 archives at Bishopsgate Institute, London.


See below for  further information about these events and how to register for them below.

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>> 8 March 2020: What do Mothers and Carers Want? As part of the Wages for Housework (WFH) 50th anniversary events series, the Global Women’s Strike launched an International Survey – What Do Mothers and other Carers Want? - with speakers from 13 countries. Watch the webinar here.

>> 24 March 2022: Online discussion panel: Selma James, founder of the WFH Campaign, in conversation with Margaret Prescod, co-founder Black Women for Wages for Housework. Watch the webinar here.

>> 25 March 2022: The Global Women's Strike Experience. Panelists who have been with the WFH Campaign for years, while others are newer members, speak about their experiences of organizing as part of an international network with a shared perspective. And how this has changed their lives. Hear the discussion.

>> 27 March 2022: The Archives, Moving Forward by Looking Back. Find out about the event here

>> 27 March 2022: Moving Forward by Looking Back, Community Archives Exhibit 1972-1981. Online discussion panel. Video of 50th Anniversary Wages for Housework Campaign event and the launch of Wages for Housework Community Archives at Crossroads Women Center, Philadelphia. Watch the event here. 

>> 8 July 2022: Archive Films: Our Time Is Coming Now & All Work and No Pay. BBC films made with Selma James in 1970.  These iconic films explore the beginnings of the women's liberation movement in Britain. Watch them here below.

>> 22-29 July 2022: Stories from South America. Orphan Mothers, Journey with the Revolution and Enter the Workers. Find out more here.


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Final report: What Mothers and Other Caregivers Want

By Global Women's Strike | 6th June 2024

In a survey of 1065 respondents from 50 countries, an overwhelming 84% said that caring deserves a care income. They wanted more time with their family, and to work outside the home part-time rather than full-time. While the responses summarized in the report reflect only the views of those who took part, they provide illustrative testimonials on crucial topics. Read the report…

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Natural Growing in India – our article in Allotment Gardener newsletter

By Global Women's Strike | 24th May 2024

Dear Friends, Please see article below by food growers in the Global Women’s Strike network, inspired by the movement of women farmers in Andhra Pradesh spreading natural farming through their Self-Help Groups. More information on this growing movement here. Natural Growing in India We are allotmentgrowers/gardeners in London and Suffolk,growing food withoutchemicals for some time.We have been inspired bythe grassroots women’sself-help farmingmovement in AndhraPradesh, India.Since 2016, Andhra Pradesh Community Managed Natural Farming has been spearheaded by women groups that…

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Webinar : What Mothers and Other Caregivers Want – findings from international survey, May 11

By Global Women's Strike | 7th May 2024

From March 2022 to May 2023, this survey asked 1065 mothers and other caregivers from different generations and in different countries what they want and need.  Assumptions are always being made about this, but in fact caregivers are rarely directly asked about how we spend our time, the resources we have or don’t have, or…

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Webinar: Compensating Care: How U.S. Policy Can Support Unpaid Family Caregivers

By Global Women's Strike | 2nd May 2024

TODAY, May 2 – join us for this pathbreaking one hour webinar on Compensating Care: How U.S. Policy Can Support Unpaid Family Caregivers, Thursday, May 2, 2-3pm Eastern Time, 11am-12noon Pacific Time – It is a joint event by the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP), Global Women’s Strike & Women of Color/GWS.…

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Happy Birthday Mumia Abu-Jamal!

By Global Women's Strike | 24th April 2024

Dearest Mumia, Thinking of you especially on your landmark 70th birthday and sending arm-loads of love and every good wish. We can’t say enough how precious you are to us and many around the world. You’ve made and continue to make a remarkable life under the most challenging circumstances – inspiring, thoughtful and compassionate. What…

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Crowdfunder – Surviving the Military Dictatorship in Myanmar

By Global Women's Strike | 21st April 2024

Surviving the Military Dictatorship in Myanmar is a crowdfunder launched after the powerful testimony we heard at our recent Trade Unions Under Military Rule in Myanmar conference at Friends House. People are being tortured by the regime as political prisoners and need serious medical and physical support when they are released. Others are in hiding…

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Join us at conference in support of the movement against the military coup in Burma/Myanmar.

By Global Women's Strike | 12th April 2024

Join us on 20 April at the conference we are organising with Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), No Sweat and Peace & Justice Project, in support of the movement against the military coup in Burma/Myanmar. See below and book your tickets here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfLXLTMLikaNO84eh5GUk8gyGPz3woxJJy8e-9jSfWP1NjzOA/viewform We are also hosting a benefit comedy gig for Myanmar trade…

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Protected: Emergency Appeal for women in Burma/Myanmar

By Global Women's Strike | 12th April 2024

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Women of Colour speaking at Mothers Rebellion

By Global Women's Strike | 28th March 2024

Women of Colour speaking at Mothers Rebellion London circle weekend, in solidarity with the people of Palestine before the National March, Hyde Park corner, Sat 9 March 2024. See the speech here.

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