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Statement: International Women’s Day 2021

By Global Women's Strike | 8th March 2021

Global Women’s Strike & Women of Colour GWS – International Women’s Day 2021 CARING for PEOPLE and PLANET Against POVERTY and DICTATORSHIP Women (and men) in a number of countries are calling for a Care Income Now!, an income for all those – beginning with women, the first carers everywhere, and extending to all genders…

Invisibility would undermine carers’ struggle for equity

By Global Women's Strike | 6th March 2018

Abolishing the Constitution’s recognition of caring work done within the family would be a disservice to those doing this work Fri, Jul 13, 2018, 05:11Maggie Ronayne4 Family Carers Ireland estimates there are 200,000 family carers, but the means-tested carer’s allowance is only €214 per week for caring for one person. Photograph: Getty ImagesShare to FacebookShare…

Free Margaretta D’Arcy, Free Shannon

By Global Women's Strike | 23rd June 2014

Dear friends,  Please find below a statement from Global Women’s Strike demanding that our dear friend and colleague Margaretta D’Arcy, be released. She has been jailed for three months in Ireland, for protesting the use of Shannon’s civilian airport for US wars. She is only allowed one phone call a day and two half-hour visits…

Letter of thanks from Margarett D’Arcy

By Global Women's Strike | 24th February 2014

Dochas Women’s PrisonMount JoyNC RoadDublin 7 (posted 25 Feb 2014) Dear Women, I am overwhelmed with your support and amazed with your energy, it is hard work when the State incarcerates women who are doing the work that the Irish State should be doing. Protecting our neutrality, bringing justice, affirming its devotion to the ideal…

How Can Women Defeat Austerity? Selma James talks at Maynooth.

By Global Women's Strike | 14th March 2013

Founder of the Wages for Housework campaign and coordinator of the Global Women’s Strike, Selma James brought a lifetime of movement experience to bear in this electrifying talk. Asked to speak to organisers’ needs in the current crisis, she spoke to a roomful of 30 activists and researchers passionately, clearly and incisively for an hour…

Journey with the Revolution, Galway Film Tour, 12 July

By Global Women's Strike | 12th July 2007

Film TourGalway  Tuesday 6th March 7pmNational University of Ireland, Galway Tyndall Theatre    Arts/Science Bldg

Coming to Galway, Photography Exhibition, 12-16th March.

By Global Women's Strike | 22nd March 2007

  The Global Women’s Strike invites you to an inspiring exhibition of 30 beautiful colour photos with captions by and about the lives of women participating in the Strike in many countries. Dublin Arts Block, University College Dublin, Mon 5th – Fri 9th March.  Hosts: UCD Students’ Union.   Coming to Galway:  National University of Ireland, Galway…

Demonstration in Dublin against a Shell pipeline in Co.Mayo Ireland, 24 February 2007

By Global Women's Strike | 22nd February 2007

A rural community in the west of Ireland is fighting a group of companies led by Shell who are trying to build a life-threatening gas pipeline & polluting refinery in their area. There was about 850-1000 people at the demonstration. They were mainly from the Left, the Parties, trade unions, NGOs and a big contingent…

Nomination by Maggie Ronayne from Strike Ireland to the president of her university and the National University of Ireland

By Global Women's Strike | 22nd June 2006

Dear President, I write to nominate President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías for an honorary doctorate at the National University of Ireland, Galway.  President Chávez is the head of State of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.  He was first elected to this post in 1998 and has won eight elections and referendums since then.  He has…

Why the Irish Constitution Must Recognise Workers In the Home and Pay Equity

By Global Women's Strike | 2nd September 2005

By Maggie Ronayne, Ireland Current Affairs Weekly, 2 September 2005 Some say Article 41.2 of the Constitution is sexist and should be abolished.  While it is sexist to refer to work in the home as a woman’s “life” and “duty”, it would be even more sexist to obliterate the only constitutional recognition of unwaged caring work…