Films made / co produced by Wages for Housework / Global Womens Strike

Our Time Is Coming Now, 1970:  Selma James explores the beginnings of the women's liberation movement in Britain of 1970. For the last half-century she has continued leading its search for equality and justice.

All Work and No Pay, 1976: Made by the Wages for Housework Campaign with the BBC TV's Open Door series, 1976. Features the Iceland women's general strike of 1975, when full-time housewives and women working outside the home took to the streets together; women's music and protest; women sex workers in London to factory work in Ceylon; women organizing in Northern Ireland; domestic violence survivors exchanging experiences with other women including a Black nurse and a lesbian woman.

Enter the Oil Workers, 2004: Venezuela is the world's 5th largest oil exporter, yet 80% of its population lives in poverty. In 1998 President Hugo Chavez was elected to use the oil revenue to tackle poverty. In April 2002 a coup against him was defeated by the millions who took to the streets. A few months later the elite and the CIS paralyzed Venezuela's oil company PDVSA to bring Chavez down. Oil workers took over and worked round the clock to recover production. In this documentary Jose Boda, Luis Felix, Jesus Montilla and Tanya Suarez tell how they saved PDVSA and how they are organizing to "put the oil industry at the service of humanity". Produced by the Bolivarian Circle of the Global Women's Strike.

Venezuela: Journey with the Revolution, 2006: Seventy-two women and men from five continents who are members of the Global Woman’s Strike – a grassroots network which campaigns to change economic priorities, to “invest in caring not killing” – take a journey into the heart of the revolution in Venezuela. They meet the midwives, nurses, doctors, housewives, teachers, gay and disability activists who are transforming Venezuela, and visit the services they run – health clinics, soup kitchens, land committees, education and micro-credit programmes. We see how they are transforming a revolution from the bottom up. The excitement of the revolution is contagious. If you want to find out what a revolution, this is the film for you. Features President Hugo Chávez, ‘the president of the poor’, and Nora Castañeda, President of the Women’s Development Bank, Sharmini Peries, Adviser to President Chávez on International Relations. Directed by Finn Arden & Nina Lopez. A Global Women’s Strike Production.