Women of colour in GWS

We are a network of African, Asian, Caribbean, Latina and Indigenous women in the Global Women Strike, campaigning against sexism, racism, poverty, war, ecological devastation, police violence, militarism, and justice for all beginning with asylum seekers, immigrants and women of colour.

We are part of the global BLM movement, focusing on Haiti, India, Palestine, Thailand and other countries in Global South. We demand a Care Income for all genders doing caring work, including for the survival of people and planet, funds to come from military budgets/corporations. Part of Global Women Against Deportations (GWAD) organising for refugee/immigrant rights.

Our contact details  

Telephone: 0207 482 2496

Recent News for Women of Colour in GWS

The Weekly Journal: The Crime Bill and the Black Community

By Global Women's Strike | 4th March 1997

Press: The legal trial of PC Anderson 1985-1990

By Global Women's Strike | 30th March 1989

intro text

Waging War for Women

By Global Women's Strike | 26th October 1988

Tricia Read, Caribbean Times, October 1988

Black and White Women in the Peace Movement

By Global Women's Strike | 21st November 1987

Homerton School, November 1987

Survey to Appraise Women’s Unpaid Work

By Global Women's Strike | 12th June 1987

London Daily News and various newspapers, 1987

Black Women Keep Vigil Against Racist Organisation

By Global Women's Strike | 13th February 1987

The Journal, February 1987

Black Women for Wages for Housework supporting the Anti Apartheid struggle 1986

By Global Women's Strike | 28th June 1986

Black Women for Wages for Housework support the march in 28 June 1986. Breakfast Benefit organised by Black Women for Wages for Housework and Sex Race and Class to raise funds for the Time Off 86 and gather a contingent to go on the Anti Apartheid March. The event was a great success. 28 June…

Blacks Still Get A Raw Deal

By Global Women's Strike | 22nd June 1986

Sharon Du Bois, The Observer, 1986

Protesting against the US bombing of Libya

By Global Women's Strike | 11th April 1986

Joining the mass demonstration outside the US Embassy to protest against the bombing of Libya.

Black Women for Wages for Housework picketing the AGM of Rio Tinto Zinc in London.

By Global Women's Strike | 11th April 1986

BWWFH with Kings Cross Women’s Centre Peace Collective, Greenham women, NFIP network and Partizans, picketing the 1986 AGM of Rio Tinto Zinc, which mines uranium on Black People’s land in Namibia, Canada and the USA.