Global Women's Strike in India

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Fact Sheet: Support Indian Farmers

By Global Women's Strike | 16th February 2021

18 February – Support the Farmers “Rail Roko” (Railway Blockade) across India 12 pm to 4pm (local time). FACT SHEET Millions of farmers strike against laws that put corporations in charge of land and food production Watch 6-minute video why farmers are protesting The movement to repeal Modi’s three Farm Acts is growing in strength…

Message of support to Farmers in India on Republic Day

By Global Women's Strike | 22nd January 2021

We send our solidarity to the millions of farmers, women and men, across India who are protesting against Modi’s horrendous farm laws. We know that 70% of agricultural workers in India are women and that these laws attack first of all women and girls, who are the primary caregivers in every country. Despite brutal police…

Message of support to Women Farmers Day, India

By Global Women's Strike | 18th January 2021

From: Care Income Now! A network coordinated by Global Women’s Strike and Women of Colour in GWS We stand in solidarity with the women farmers of India, whether they are farmers of small family holdings or farm labourers, who are demanding the scrapping of Modi’s three Farm Acts: The Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion…

The Perspective of Caring Q&A

By Global Women's Strike | 23rd March 2016

The Perspective of Caring Why Mothers and All Carers Should Get a Living Wage for their Caring Work A Q&A on caring, the vital human relationship that ensures survival and well-being, the international petition to get a living wage for this work, the origins of this demand and who supports it. By Nina Lopez, 2016.…

Petition: A living wage for mothers and other carers

By Global Women's Strike | 14th March 2015

Mar 14 2015   Global Women’s Strike (GWS) and Women of Colour in GWS #Gender Rights and IssuesTarget:Petition to ALL We demand a living wage for mothers and other carers because: · Every worker is entitled to a living wage. Women do 2/3 of the world’s work – in the home, on the land…