Message of support to Farmers in India on Republic Day

We send our solidarity to the millions of farmers, women and men, across India who are protesting against Modi’s horrendous farm laws. We know that 70% of agricultural workers in India are women and that these laws attack first of all women and girls, who are the primary caregivers in every country. Despite brutal police attacks, they have not been able to stop you, and your strength and determination are an example for us all. Movements for survival and justice everywhere are with you, watching the biggest uprisings the world has ever seen.

We are horrified that if these laws are implemented, they will cause the starvation of millions of people in India and more suicides. As Indigenous women, as women of different races in different countries, mothers, farmers, sex workers, refugees, domestic workers, we support your demand for pay equity for women farmers in India and for women everywhere, and your protest against rape and murder of women and girls working in the fields. And we demand a Care Income for all those who care for people, for the land and for the natural world.

Nawa Chhattisgarh Mahila Samiti (NCMS) which is part of our network say:As Dalit and Adivasi people we fully support the struggles of the farmers movement and especially women farmers all over India. Most of the work is done by women and the biggest pressure falls on them. International recognition and support mean a huge amount to NCMS and we are extremely grateful for this support.”

Victory to the Farmers Movements!

Naya Jamana Ayega!

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